4G LTE Upgrade App Promises to Rip Off Unsuspecting Users

If you see the app to the left don’t think you can get onto Verizons 4GLTE network quicker than the rest of the 38 cities and 60 airports.  This spoof app available in the Android market at last check, tricks owners of Motorola Droid, Droid 2, Droid Incredible, Droid Eris and Droid X users. This app will not work for you.
As Tony Melone of Verizon Wireless clearly stated handset devices will not be available until 2011. He did say however before 2Q.  Verizon is expected to announce several LTE devices including the Tegra 2 Motorola Etna that is expected early in the first part of 2011.

This app, although it may look legitimate to some users, is definitely a fake. It says to allow 24-48 hours for the network to repopulate.

UPDATE: The malicious app has been removed from the Android Market largely in part to an Android Community outcry to Verizon, Google, and via Twitter

Source: Android App Market via @shaydlife

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