3D Maps on iOS 6 for iPhone 4 now available

Apple is pretty much sure that it is not going to bring the awesome 3D Maps on iOS 6 to the older iPhone 4 smart phone. Just like it did with Siri and iOS 6, the new 3D Maps on iOS 6 will remain exclusive to the newer iPhone 4S. But just like with Siri and iOS 5, this is not going to stop developers from porting the app to iPhone 4. Do you agree?

Well, you have to, because the port has already been done. Yes, developers have been successful in porting the awesome 3D Maps found on the new iOS 6 beta edition to iPhone 4 running iOS 6. But there are some serious decisions you have to take in order to make this work on your iPhone 4, and this is not completely advised.

First of all, you need to have an iPhone 4 with iOS 6 installed on it. And because iOS 6 is in still in beta stage and since it is available (legally) only to those with a developer account with Apple, this is for a limited number of people. Also, just having the iOS 6 beta edition installed on your iPhone 4 is not enough, but you will also need to have it jailbroken, which is now possible.

Assuming you have all this done, you can get the full instructions on how to download and install 3D Maps of iOS 6 on your iPhone 4 here. The video below does show how the app works on the older iPhone 4. The app is surely impressive. But the absence of turn by turn navigation in the port is a bit disappointing.

Do not lose hope, this is just the first attempt at the port, developers will continue the work until there is a stable and working port. Till then, you will just have to enjoy what is available.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4OEPKeZH8Y]