3 Reasons To Buy LG V30 Over Galaxy Note 8

Leaks about the LG V30 have been rampant.  The LG flagship has been rumored all year, and now it is expected to be announced tomorrow, Aug 31st, 2017, at the IFA Conference in Berlin, Germany.  LG is announcing the LG V30 in one of the biggest stage out there.  For those not familiar with the IFA conference, it is one of the biggest electronic conferences in Europe, basically the CES of Europe.

Let’s be clear about this release: LG is is not messing around with this phone.  They are going head to head against the incumbent leader of its category, the Samsung Galaxy Note series.  LG plans to offer the LG V30 for sale on the same date as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, a huge power move by LG to not settle for the backseat for this release.  Both will go on sale in South Korea on September 21st.  With LG making such a big splash at the conference, we are expecting the LG V30 to get the most hype out of this entire conference.

Reasons To Buy LG V30 Over Galaxy Note 8

LG has done did it now, announcing to the world that they are taking on the behemoth Samsung head on.  These commercials aren’t exactly subtle.  Fairly direct dig at the Note 8.

You don’t need to speak or understand Korean to get the undertone here.

LG might be onto something here, and below are a few reasons we think the LG V30 might make more sense as your everyday phone than the Galaxy Note 8.

LG V30 Will Be First Phone With F/1.6 Lens

By far the biggest selling point of the LG V30 will be the spectacular camera.  This camera phone is set to feature the largest aperture and clearest lens in the market.  According to LG’s press release earlier this month, its F/1.6 lens is said to “delivers 25 percent more light to the sensor compared to an F1.8 lens”, which means 25 percent more light than the iPhone 7.  For those unfamiliar with aperture in photography, the “F number”, or f-stops, are used to describe the size of the aperture and how much the aperture is opened.  If you are looking for the perfect lighting for your photos, the smaller the f number will get you the larger aperture.

The V30 will feature a dual camera in the front.  A 16 MP, f/1.6 with phase detection autofocus, plus a 13 MP, f/1.9 camera, and comes with LED flash.  While the Galaxy Note 8 will also have a solid camera, but comes with a smaller dual 12 MP camera.  Both phones will come with a 8 MP front-facing camera.

The dual camera feature will be great for snapping photos in various occasions.  One has large aperture, which is great for daily photos.  While the second camera will help you pick up wide-angle shots, giving you better coverage for landscape and group photos.

LG Is Doubling Down On Its Audio Capabilities

The LG V20 was a huge hit last year partly due to its audio technology.  The LG V series phones sport a dedicated digital to audio converter (DAC).  With the quad DAC in the V20, it was able to reduce ambient noise by 50%, which captures a higher quality and clarity in the recorded audio.  LG setup a whole campaign around this technology when they partnered up with Nick Jonas to feature the recording capability.  The #SingWithLG campaign showed a mashup of users with LG V20 singing along with Nick Jonas’ hit song Jealous.

Now LG is doubling down with the quad DAC and bringing it back to the LG V30.  The latest flagship will feature a dedicated quad DAC that should bring an improved music playback and recording quality.

LG wants you to utilize the LG V30 as a multimedia device.  According to LG’s press release a couple days ago, It will feature a “32-bit Advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC powered by ESS Technology’s SABRE ES9218P. LG’s Hi-Fi Quad DAC presents two new features: digital filters and sound presets.  While LG’s original Hi-Fi Quad DAC emphasized delivering Hi-Fi sound as close as possible to the original source by minimizing distortion and white noise, the new Advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC offers more options to customize the audio experience.”

The audio aspect of the phone simply just isn’t a big part of the marketing campaign for Samsung.  You might see LeBron taking selfies with a Galaxy S8 in its commercials, but rarely do you see them hyping their audio capabilities.  In this three minute Galaxy Note 8 intro video, there was no mention of audio at all.

LG V30 Priced More Competitively Than Galaxy Note 8

Updated Sept 3st, 2017: it appears the price of the LG V30 will be $749.99 according to an official LG giveaway contest

Talk about bang for your buck, per CNET, the price of the LG V30 is expected to be in the $700 range for the 64 GB variant and around $875 for the larger “LG V30 Plus”.  The pricing is consistent with the pricing of the previous LG flagships, such as the LG G6 (launched at about $650, currently goes for under $500 at Verizon) and LG G20 (launched at around $700, currently goes for under $600 at Verizon).

As a comparison here are a few of competing phones released around the same time, as you can see, the LG V30 is priced much more competitively for a premium phone.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 currently retails for $960 on its website and also similar price on various carriers like Verizon Wireless ($960) and AT&T ($949.99).
  • Google Pixel XL 2, which is rumored to be released on October 5th, is expected to sell at a higher price tag than his predecessor, the first generation Google Pixel XL.  The Google Pixel XL launched at a price of $769 (32 GB) and $869 (128 GB).  Even at those prices, the V30 would be a better deal.
  • Apple iPhone 8 is expected to be announced in September 12th.  If the price of the Galaxy Note 8 scares you, than don’t even think about the iPhone 8.  The iPhone 8 is expected sell for north of $1000.

LG V30 vs Galaxy Note 8 Targeted Buyers

The LG V30 and the Galaxy Note 8 have similar specs and both are competing for the premium 6-inch phone market.  Each of these phones have premium features and you can’t go wrong with either phone.  But ultimately, the market may eventually dictate the segment of buyers for each device and perhaps each will get its own niche of users.  With such a large difference in pricing, the LG V30 may eventually cater more to the younger generation, while the Galaxy Note 8 would end up in the hands of the professional crowd.

As Forbes put it, “expect Samsung to lean heavily on the enterprise features of the Note 8. From the security minded software for document storage to a mix of fingerprint and biometric facial recognition, the phablet will be pitched as a workhorse device for busy and connected professionals. That’s going to be enhanced by the S-Pen, arguably the Note 8’s secret weapon.”  These features are all great and dandy, but not likely useful for the millennial crowd.

LG V30 appears to be targeting the younger generation with this release.  What do the millennials gravitate toward these days?

How about photos…

With the LG V30, maybe you too can create a video like this.

Vibrant Display…

To go with the top notch camera, you would need this bezel-less plastic OLED FullVision display from the V30 to show off the glamorous photos and videos.

How about music…

LG V30 has that covered as well. Who do you think LG is targeting with the clip below?

Rock on you music loving, photo obsessed millennial you…go pick up that LG V30 and thank us later.

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  1. The two phones čan be compared because the pen is only a small part of the note 8 cameras lens audio memory battery life’s are all things that can be compared and by far the LG device is superior and especially on price. Isit worth all the extra cost for a stylus becuase that’s the only difference between the two one has a pen the other dosent .

  2. As Chris has said – the Note is about the stylus and a great writing experience. I use it so much and have it linked to Evernote. I concur with Chris you can’t put this up against the Note as it lacks the annotation function! It’s just another high-end Smartphone!

  3. The primary differentiating feature of the Note phone and tablet series is the digitizer in the screen, and the stylus that comes with it. I’ve been using Note phones since the Note 3, and this feature, absent from any other phone on the market, is why I keep coming back to it despite the numerous longstanding problems that Samsung seems uninterested in addressing in their phones.

    How can you claim that another product is a competitor to the Note, without having the one feature on which the Note series, and even its name, are based?

    This phone is a competitor to the Galaxy S series, and seemingly a very good one. Without a stylus, it cannot compete with the Note.

  4. Hi sir my s7 edge is in water damage is not working and not turned on how I trun on that I try a different way but it’s not work please help i can get new one please help me

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