3 Best Prepaid SIM Cards For Nicaragua Travels

International travel can get expensive when you’re talking about using your home carrier. While rates have gotten a lot better over time, it’s still pricier than picking up a Prepaid SIM card for traveling to, say, Nicaragua.

Not sure what prepaid SIM cards you should pick up for your Nicaragua travels? Here are the top ones that will work with most Unlocked GSM phones. Let’s dive right in.

ThreeUK Smart Silver

ThreeUK, despite being based out of the United Kingdom, has a great SIM card available for traveling to Nicaragua. Insert it into your unlocked GSM phone, and it should start working in the country almost immediately.

Activating the card really is that simple — you just insert the card into the SIM tray and you’re good to go. Keep in mind that activation only lasts 30 days from the time you insert that SIM into your phone.

The ThreeUK Smart Silver will allow you to answer incoming calls and see incoming texts, but there is no support for outgoing calls or texts.

It does give you 5GB of data to use while in the country, though. Unfortunately, there are no refills, so if you run out, you’ll have to pick up a new card.

Buy it here.

H20 Starter Bundle

Up next, we’re looking at the H2O Starter Bundle. Able to work in over 50 countries, this one should have no problem working in Nicaragua.

This one is a little unique because while it does offer 4G LTE data in the US, that won’t work in other, international countries.

That said, what’s really unique about this bundle is that it does provide you with unlimited calls and texts while abroad. That said, while no data is available, you’ll be able to stay in constant contact with friends and family.

This one is a 3-in-1 card, allowing you to size down to the SIM card size that your phone supports. You can use this in either Standard, Micro, or Nano sizes.

Just like the ThreeUK Smart Silver, you will need to be using an Unlocked and GSM phone to use this one.

Local Carriers

For South American countries, there aren’t a whole lot of prepaid SIM cards that you can pick up on this side of the river. South America is strange as far as prepaid SIM cards go, since they don’t translate well from country to country.

Aside from the Smart Silver and the limited access the H20 Bundle has, you really are better off picking up a SIM card from Nicaragua’s local carriers. You will likely experience the best rates there as well.

As you can imagine, infrastructure isn’t nearly as good as in the United States or Europe, and so you’ll have to do your research to make sure you get the best coverage possible while you’re abroad.

That said, the three major carriers that you’ll see in the Nicaragua region will be CoolTel, Claro, and Movistar. All of these are pretty good, but Claro and Movistar probably have the best LTE networks in the country. You’ll likely experience the best coverage using one of those two.

You won’t have to go to an actually carrier store to get it sorted out either. There are phone stands and places to purchase SIM cards all over the place in the country’s major cities. Generally, you’ll be looking at paying around US$12 to US$20 for one of these cards, though that can depend based on how much data you’re looking to get.


As you can see, there are a lot of great SIM cards that you can use with your phone for Nicaragua. It’s worth noting that, aside from the ThreeUK Silver option, most SIM cards in South America are country specific. That said, you won’t be able to use one of these, and then immediately hop over to, say, Brazil and have it continue to work.

Still, so long as you have an Unlocked smartphone, most of these should work well in Nicaragua.

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