3 Best Prepaid SIM Cards For El Salvador Travels

Headed off to El Salvador on vacation or for work? You will definitely want to make sure that you’re picking up a prepaid SIM card to go with you, as that will easily save you hundreds, if not thousands in unnecessary fees.

Carriers back at home has always been expensive when traveling abroad, and they have become more affordable over time; however, you will always experience the best rates with a prepaid SIM card.

For El Salvador specifically, those SIM cards can be hard to find. That’s why we compiled all of the best ones for you below. So follow along with us, and we’ll show you the best options available to you.

ThreeUK Smart Silver

ThreeUK seems to have some of the best packages for traveling internationally. For El Salvador, they have the Smart Silver prepaid SIM card.

Once you purchase the card, activation is simple. Insert the card into the tray of an unlocked GSM phone, and the card is immediately activated.

It is, however, worth noting that you’ll want to strategically activate your card. Smart Silver only gives you 30 days of use from the time of activation, so you’ll ideally want to wait until you’re in El Salvador to maximize your time!

The Smart Silver comes with 5GB of data that you can use. Keep in mind that, once you use that up, you cannot refill it — you’ll need a new Smart Silver card.

Smart Silver allows you to receive incoming calls and texts, but does not allow you any outgoing capabilities.

Get it here.


Next up, we’re looking at something that they’re calling Travsim. This one is a neat choice because of the sheer amount of options that you have as far as data packages go.

With this card, you can get as little as 2GB of data to use for up to 30 days, or as much as 12GB of data to use for 60 days. This is a 3-in-1 SIM card, so you can use this with unlocked GSM phones that have sim card tray sizes of Standard, Mini, or Nano.

It’s important to remember that this SIM card can be a little on the slower side — Travsim says this one is only operating on 3G speeds, which is what you’d likely experience in El Salvador anyway.

There are a number of other South American countries that this SIM card works in as well.

It also looks like Travsim activates this automatically for you, so that you can begin using it immediately after you pop it into your smartphone.

Keep in mind that this one is going to have all of the usual requirements — you’ll first need a GSM smartphone, and it will need to be unlocked by your carrier as well.

This SIM card does have a UK telephone number, but there’s no mention from Travsim on whether or not there are outgoing calling abilities here. We’d say that you likely can at least get incoming calls and texts, but doubt that outgoing would be available.

Local Carriers

Unfortunately, South America can be pretty strange as far as SIM cards go. That’s because there’s not many SIM cards that work in all nations across South America. SIM cards in the area are very location specific.

That said, you’ll definitely want to considering picking up a SIM card from a local retailer when you land in El Salvador. There are tons of places to purchase prepaid SIM cards in the area.

You can buy prepaid SIM cards at the airport, at local stand up shops, and retailers everywhere. Generally, carriers in the area are only going to charge you between $10 and $20, all while giving you plenty of data to use while in the country.

Local carriers will always be the cheapest way to go, because you aren’t going to be paying any extra in international fees or the “middleman” charge that carriers back home often pass onto their customers.


As you can see, there are a lot of great options for prepaid SIM cards for traveling to El Salvador. The ThreeUK Smart Silver is one of your best choices if you really want to purchase an option back home.

However, the most affordable way, and the way that you’re going to see some of the best performance, is by picking up a prepaid SIM card from a local carrier when you land.

Do you have a favorite SIM card that you use for international travels like this? Let us know in the comments section below — we’d love to hear from you!

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