3 Best Android Games Released in June

Looking for some new games to play on your Android?  The last year can only be referred to as haven time for Android gamers because hundreds of games were released.  For some new excitement and action, here are three top games released in June that I think you will enjoy playing on your Android device.

3. Dragon & Dracula by HeroCraft

HeroCraft is one of the most popular Android game developers.  Their latest addition Dragon & Dracula, is a classic side-scroller game where the player controllers a baby dragon as it grows to become a man dragon stud and later fight and defeat a Dracula, its ultimate foe.  The combination of these characters may be intriguing but the gameplay is even more interesting and adventurous.  The player collects coins, minions, artifacts, adornments and other dragon stuff that contribute to turning the baby dragon into a fierce monster to beat the Dracula.  The game has 25 amazing levels, 3 unique dragon forms, various mini-games that are unlocked during gameplay and level bosses.  The full version of the game has unlimited game levels.

2. Mass Effect Infiltrator by EA

Electronic Arts is a popular name when it comes to PC, Xbox and Play Station games, particularly the Need for Speed car racing series.  The Mass Effect game was released for popular platforms and has been doing pretty well, now you can take it wherever you go on your Android.  The game is massive, over 450MB.  The game follows Commander Shepard as he battles the Reapers across the galaxies.  If you want some excitement and action, this definitely is the game for you.

1. N.O.V.A. 3 by Gameloft

The best game I am playing now is the N.O.V.A. developed by Gameloft.  This is an impressive and very immersive Sci-Fi franchise space shooter game that needs a massive 2GB of memory to install.  The storyline is about Kal Wardin fighting to save mankind on earth after years of exile.  The game has multiple weapons and powers.

Other games you would definitely take interest in are Renaissance Blood THD, Monsters Ate My Condo by AdultSwim, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12 by EA, Men In Black 3 by Gameloft and Groundskeeper by Orange Pixel.