28 million Galaxy S II and 7 million Galaxy Notes sold till now

There is no doubt that Samsung is going to become the world’s best Android smart phone maker very soon. Some even say that it has already become the top one. Well, the sales figures do say the same. But if you look closely, only the flag ship smart phones from Samsung are making the charts, entry level Android smart phones are no where to be seen. Well, I guess that is quite good enough for the South Korean company.

The company did release some info about the sales record recently, and that is exactly how we know all this. The Samsung Galaxy S, which was released about a couple of years ago, sold 24 million units in about two years. It was an awesome smart phone and there is nothing wrong if I say that it is because of the Samsung Galaxy S that the company became so popular and started releasing really cool smart phones. So all the Galaxy series smart phones in the market today are different derivations of the Galaxy S.

The Samsung Galaxy S II, which was released just over a year ago, also saw a lot of sales. It is still seeing a lot of sales records. The smart phone got converted into a lot of different variants, the Sky Rocket become one of the most popular ones. Till now, more than 28 million Samsung Galaxy S II smart phones have been sold. And yes, that is very impressive as it out does its predecessor.

The half tablet and half smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note (my favorite), is not so bad itself on the chart. Though it was made for a particular class of people, it has shown some really awesome sales. The smart phone, since its release in October last year, has sold around 7 million units. That is a very great number for a smart phone which was not at all meant to record such sales figures.

The South Korean company is all geared up to release the new flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S III. The smart phone has already recorded 9 million pre orders. So there is no doubt that the smart phone is going to beat the records of both of its predecessors.