24 Billion Connected Devices By 2020

As time goes on we see more and more of the future coming into the present. Yesterday we had a call with the CEO of Soasta on cloud based testing. During the call and their presentation for their new cloud based testing offerings Soasta CEO Tom Lounibos brought up the fact that the interactive displays from the movie “Minority Report” that were supposed to arrive near 2020 were here today in 2012. That instantly made me think about the displays and devices in the blockbuster movie Avatar.

Thinking of those two examples make this number released by the GSMA very easy to swallow. As the GSMA counts down to the “connected life” they released a report Monday that suggests we will see 24 billion (with a b) connected devices by 2020 on a global scale.

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The GSMA analyzed all of the devices released and announced at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas two weeks ago. They found that nearly half of all of those devices connected to the internet or internet based services in one way or another. They also found that categories like automotive, health care and home lifestyle industries also had a large amount of devices connecting to the internet.

To that end the GSMA found:

·        Nearly 90 percent of the HDTVs announced are connected

·        Seventy percent of the automotive technology devices are connected

·        Close to 44 percent of all medical/healthcare devices are connected

·        Nearly 30 percent of all cameras and camcorders are connected

These categories are all outside the normal categories in the connected life, categories like mobile, computers, laptops, and tablets are naturally all connected someway or the other.

While the non traditional categories climb and more and more people are switching to tablets and smartphones it’s very possible than in a short eight years we will see 24 billion connected devices.