3 Replies to “How to set up, add & manage email accounts and messages on your Samsung Galaxy S8 [Tutorials]”

  1. Since my last update, my email wants to download the attachment prior to forwarding the message. It never did this before and is becoming very frustrating. I need to forward to another email to print out the attachment, but will not send without downloading and I do not want to download it to my phone….

  2. I would like to unlink my gmail from my outlook. I can only find directions for deleting gmail from my device. How do I just unlink?

  3. my girl friend has a s8 and she’s real sneaky when it comes to reading msgs in front of me so your telling me two seperate accounts can receive msgs and she has the option of what to seperate these ive seen her switch the screen some how how can i catch her red handed

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