5 Best Bluetooth Headsets For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

While connective earbuds are great for some things, they tend to be a little flaky at times, and you may need to replace them fairly regularly unless you invest in a truly high-quality pair. However, Bluetooth headphones solve that problem almost entirely. By simply pairing your earbuds with your device, you’ll get music instantly that won’t be affected by your phone jostling in your pocket or bag.

Best Bluetooth Headsets

Today, we’re sharing our top five Bluetooth headphone picks for the Galaxy Note 8. It’s one of the best Android devices you can get your hands on right now and has amazing sound quality. Here are our recommendations:

Charlemain Magnetic Wireless Earbuds

These earbuds from Charlemain offer HD stereo-grade sound. And while they do boast of being wireless, the two headphones are attached by a cord. That being said, there’s no other cord that attaches them to your phone, because these are Bluetooth and will pair with your device.

Another awesome thing about these earphones by Charlemain is that you can be wearing them and using your phone hands-free. They have microphone/voice integration, so if you’re getting a phone call, you can reject it by saying “no,” or accept it with a simple “yes.” And, there’s a 12-month warranty as well as 30 days after purchase to return your headphones for a full refund.

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XLX Bluetooth Waterproof Headphone

These headphones are two singular pods that go into your ear, with no cord or anything attached. They’re entirely wireless, and with an extended Bluetooth range at nearly 50 feet or 140 feet without any obstacles. So if you need to set your phone down somewhere but still get media/calls through the earbuds, these are a great option.

Another neat feature with these earbuds is that they have an extremely long battery life, even after just one hour of charging. After that single hour, your headphones should be charged and ready to go for 6 entire hours more. If using the included silicone cuff, these are considered waterproof, and they include a 1-year warranty.

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Mpow Flame

Whether you’re a die-hard CrossFitter or you exercise out of necessity, these Flame headphones from Mpow are going to be a fantastic option for you. First off, these earbuds are sealed with an IPX7 sweatproof nano-coating to preserve them even throughout your most intense workouts. They’re also noise-canceling, so you can focus entirely on what you’re doing.

The Bluetooth range on these wireless headphones is 33 feet, and, for a whopping 7-9 hours of battery life, you’ll only need to charge them for an hour and a half. And going beyond the typical 12-month warranty, Mpow offers an 18-month warranty, with a 45-day after purchase money-back guarantee.

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These Soundmoov headphones are entirely wireless, ready to help you tackle your to-do list in style and with some awesome tunes. On top of that, these earbuds are small and will be hardly noticeable when you’re out and about accomplishing things.

In the package, you’re going to get both earbuds inside a great little charging and carrying case. These will not only charge your earbuds but also protect them from typical wear and tear. You’ll also get a Micro USB cable just for charging, extra silicone ear tips in two different sizes, and an easy-to-follow setup guide.

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Kelodo Stereo Headphones

Kelodo made a fantastic product on these Bluetooth headphones. While they may seem a little pricey, they’re jam-packed with all of the details that you would want in a pair of earbuds.

First of all, these earbuds are designed to fit snugly in your ears, while also looking and feeling great. But they’re also noise-canceling, and the built-in microphone is top-notch, which makes these perfect for taking calls on the run as well. They come with a charging box that’s large enough to transfer power to the headphones, but small enough to fit into your pocket on your way out the door.

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These are all great headphones, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. Whatever you decide on, though, be sure to tell us all about the product and your experience with it in the comments section. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Best Bluetooth Headsets