5 Best Bluetooth Speakerphones For Conference Calls Using Android Smartphones

Bluetooth headphones are quite crucial when we talk about everyday functionality. While most of us are limited to using it during driving or when our hands are occupied, Bluetooth headsets or speakers go far beyond this. It can be used for conference calls during meetings, as well. You will encounter a lot of situations where some Bluetooth headphones don’t support the functionality or don’t do a good job of offering support to its users. In such circumstances, it makes sense always to seek out the best in the business. Today we’re going to list a couple of headphones like that, which will no doubt help you get the best experience during conference calls. We are listing out headphones of varying prices to give you a broader variety of products out there. So be sure to have a closer look at all of them before choosing for yourself.

Bluetooth Speakerphone For Android Conference Calls

5 best Bluetooth speakerphones for conference calls using Android smartphones

Jabra Speak510

Jabra is a widely popular audio accessories manufacturer and a brand synonymous with quality. Keeping this in mind, this particular headset is high up on our list. The Jabra Speak510 is a pretty amazing device considering what it brings to the table. The size of the device is pretty convenient, and you can carry it around practically anywhere, thanks to a pouch offered by the company. The device is compatible with PCs, tablets, and smartphones, so you don’t have to limit its use to just your handset.

Naturally, a device of this caliber won’t come cheap. This is pretty reasonable considering the price of a few other offerings out there. What’s great about this device is that you can use it even with a conventional USB connection and don’t necessarily have to rely on Bluetooth to pair it with your devices. However, this won’t be possible with a few smartphones, so the customers will probably resort to using Bluetooth on this offering. Since it’s more of a speaker than a headset, you can stream your favorite music and other media content as you please. You can grab this speaker from Amazon right away.

Logitech P710e

The Logitech P710e is a bit sophisticated compared to the Jabra offering we spoke about above. It has a smart docking system in place which allows you to keep your phone on top like a conventional phone. This will enable you to use your phone as usual while also giving you the luxury of having it upright. It comes with USB connectivity in addition to Bluetooth. You can pair this particular speaker with up to eight devices at a time. Logitech mentions the presence of wideband audio on this device, allowing users to get impeccable audio on both sides of the conversation. The product is Skype certified, so if you plan to have a lot of discussions on the platform, this is the speaker to get.

My favorite feature here is the presence of a 15-hour battery life, which promises to last the typical workday and some. Naturally, this particular speaker has received excellent reviews from the customers and experts alike so that you can get it without any hesitation. However, its price tag might be a bit concerning to prospective buyers. But if you’re looking to buy the best, you will have to compromise a bit in this department. You can snatch this up from Amazon right away.

Invoxia NVX 200

This comes from a not-so-popular manufacturer, but that’s not to say it’s a shabby product. The NVX 200 is a pretty stellar item and comes with a more than decent hardware under the hood. It lets you connect your phone and transform it into a proper workstation to make and receive phone calls in a professional environment. The onboard dock on the device charges your smartphone, which is quite a fantastic feature to have for a device like this. This phone also works with pretty much any phone with Bluetooth onboard, covering a broad range of devices.

Overall, when we consider the fact that this is a multi-functional piece of hardware, paying a premium price tag isn’t a significant concern. Sure, it’s expensive, but it also comes with a slew of features onboard. If you’re considering the purchase of a premium ranged Bluetooth compatible speaker with conference calls support, we suggest you give this a closer look. The device can be snatched up from Amazon right away. Customer reviews are pretty decent as well, so you don’t have to be concerned about the speaker’s quality.

VTech VCS752 ErisStation

The futuristic-looking VTech VCS752 ErisStation comes with 2 mics, which makes this a pretty useful product. The audio quality is something that’s mentioned in the product highlights here. The company mentions that the product allows customers to hear and be heard as well, pretty much like you’re in a face to face conversation. There are two microphones here, and each one carries a charge of 12 hours, which makes this a pretty power-packed offering. Since you’re going to use this in an office atmosphere, you’re bound to keep it charged at all times.

You can set up three SIP lines here, and can shift conveniently between each lines thanks to the advanced tech used by the company here. The microphones are portable, so you can easily pass them around the conference table, allowing pretty much everyone to get their voice in on the conversation. It’s a pretty functional device as we’ve already mentioned, and the presence of features like these makes it a must-have for every office conference room. The product can be grabbed from Amazon right away.

OontZ Curve

One of the cheapest offerings on this list, the OontZ Curve, is a nifty little Bluetooth speaker ideal for small conference calls. While it might not have the functionality of a few other devices on this list, it’s a pretty capable speaker. In addition to using the Bluetooth functionality, you can also use this with a 3.5mm AUX cable. This will allow you to save some precious battery life on the device.

Given that this is a small offering, it’s not supposed to have a big battery on board. So features like these always help. The company promises to offer 360 degrees sound with this product, which is not hard to believe, given the kind of design it possesses.

It usually comes in six colors, but Amazon is only offering it one color at the moment. Be sure to check out the device from Amazon right now. While this is no Jabra or Logitech when it comes to onboard features, it’s a very decent offering for the price quoted by the seller. The device is only 9 ounces (255 grams), which makes it easy to carry around. Pairing can be done within a matter of seconds, which is a big plus here. We highly recommend this product if you’re looking for a no-frills Bluetooth speaker at a minimal cost.

Bluetooth Speakerphone For Android Conference Calls