5 best Bitcoin price monitor app in 2019

Alternative currencies are the in thing right now. Not because it’s extremely valuable, but also because it’s easier to transact in them. We’re talking about Bitcoin, of course. This cryptocurrency has been around for quite some time but has been making its way to the news since the past few months for breaching targets that were considered unachievable previously. Such is the demand for Bitcoin right now. One single Bitcoin is now valued at $9740, while it was under a $100 some years ago.

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Needless to say, everybody wants to get on board the Bitcoin train, but it’s not that easy. Given that mining has taken a hit due to the increase in valuation, most users simply trade in Bitcoin to further their finances. This has proven to be a relatively easier job given the kind of apps and services that are available in the marketplace.

So if you’re one of those users who has Bitcoin or mines them, we’re going to talk about a few apps that will help you track the changing prices of Bitcoins. Bear in mind that there are quite a few apps out there to choose from, and we’re only talking about the best ones. It’s always safer to try out all the apps mentioned on this list so you have a proper understanding of which one’s better. If you find that we have missed out on any particular app, make sure you let us know in the comments section below.

5 best Bitcoin price monitor app

Blockfolio Bitcoin

This app lets you track the varying prices of Bitcoin and Altcoin (alternative cryptocurrencies like Ethereum). This app helps you get a detailed look at the market and understand how the prices are changing by glancing through a detailed graph. You can set custom notifications within the app to alert you when the price goes beyond a particular threshold. Further, you will find a multitude of information from a variety of popular sources in the cryptocurrency world.

It also supports more than 30 exchanges from around the world, so you shouldn’t have trouble locating the exchange you prefer. The developer claims that this is the #1 bitcoin portfolio tracking app, and we have to agree to some extent. The app is designed with simplistic ideas in mind and new users will face no difficulty adapting to this particular format.

The best part? Well, the app is completely free to download and is devoid of in-app purchases or ads. It is compatible with smartphones running Android 4.1 and up, thus covering a wide range of smartphones and tablets.


CoinCap is a popular price tracking service that also has a dedicated mobile app to give you information on your fingertips. If there is something particularly interesting about the price you just saw on the app, you can easily share it on your social media accounts to friends and family. This is a minor feature, but worth pointing out nevertheless. All your information is kept secret thanks to passcode and fingerprint authentication (pending device support).

The developer doesn’t want you to sign up and create an account to get all these features. Instead, you simply have to download the app and all the details will be provided at no cost. You can create custom parameters for the app to notify you when there’s a price drop or increase, keeping you up to date with the market in real time. CoinCap mentions that the app has some features that are exclusive to mobile users. So if you’ve been using CoinCap to track prices, you might as well get the Android app right away. The app requires devices running on Android 5.0 to work, however. It’s free to download, and has no ads or in-app purchases.


Coinbase needs no introduction, especially if you’re well versed with the Bitcoin market. In addition to letting you track the changing prices of Bitcoins and Altcoins, Coinbase lets you sell and buy them right within the app. For most people, this is the only app they need to have on their phones to satisfy their Bitcoin needs. Given the popularity of the app, all transactions are secure, so you have nothing to worry about with regards to safety and security.

You can connect most bank accounts and debit cards with Coinbase, making it easy to cash out payments you’ve made with a Bitcoin transaction. There’s also the ability to setup PayPal on your account. Coinbase has over 11 million users accessing its services, making it one of the most popular sources to track Bitcoin prices and also to buy/sell them at your convenience. Given that Coinbase gets a cut out of your Bitcoin transactions, it doesn’t offer ads or in-app purchases. The app is completely free to download.


Much like the other apps that we talk about on this list, Binance too comes with the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin. This means you also get an additional avenue to convert your Bitcoins into cash or vice versa. The app also comes with detailed graphs showing the varying values of the cryptocurrency, keeping you in sync with the changing prices. With a million registered users under its belt, the service is surely one of the best going around right now. What makes it even better is the fact that the user interface is easy to use and doesn’t take much (or any) learning. This, in addition to the comprehensive set of features that it offers makes for an exciting combination. The app is free to download, and has no ads or in-app purchases. The app is compatible with devices running Android 4.2 and higher.


This is a comprehensive financial investment app, allowing you to purchase and sell Bitcoins in addition to stocks, ETFs, and much more. This makes Robinhood one of the most comprehensive investment apps out there. What’s even better is that you can check out your Bitcoin transactions as well as stock prices simultaneously. Further, you don’t need to create an account with Robinhood to start using its features. However, given the kind of features it offers, it surely makes sense to create an account. Stocks dealt with this app are completely free from commission, so you are getting the most out of your investment. With detailed Bitcoin value analysis available within the app, you will be able to make informed decisions based on recent trends. Robinhood Gold lifts some of the restrictions that are available for the free members. You get access to extended market hours as well, which is a real plus if you’re into investing. Considering the app maker’s business model of making things easier for the end user, we highly rate this app in our books. It’s a free download from the Play Store, and there are no ads or in-app purchases.

Want to streamline your Bitcoin tax calculations?

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