How to fix Galaxy J7 (2015) “Verification failed. Unable to restart your device…” error

Hello Android fans! Today’s post will try to address an issue for the Galaxy J7 that shows this error:

“Verification failed. Unable to restart your device. The integrity verification has failed. You need to reset your device to factory default settings. This will erase your data.”

If you are experiencing this problem on your device, follow the suggestions below.

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Problem: Galaxy J7 (2015) has “Verification failed. Unable to restart your device…” error and keeps restarting

I have a Samsung Galaxy J7 (2015). About two weeks ago it started acting funny. I had an SD in it and the phone stopped recognizing the sd card, even though the SD card worked fine.

Then, the battery started running low very quickly. In the past, I could go the whole day and the battery would be at 50%. But then it was only half a day and the phone was already dying. In addition, it started crashing when I opened certain apps at low battery (2-10%), but as long as I plugged it into the charger, it would restart. After using one app at 7%, the phone crashed. When it restarted, it had the “Verification Failure” message. I read the post on your website:  My Samsung J7 rebooted itself and when it turned back on the operating system stops at a black screen with this message “Verification failed. Unable to restart your device. The integrity verification has failed. You need to reset your device to factory default settings. This will erase your data.” and a Reset Device button on the bottom. I do not want to reset my phone to factory settings. I need to save the photos, texts, opened browser tabs, etc.

My T-Mobile store says that I need to reset my device. Basically, when I restart the phone, first the Samsung J7 shows up, then the page, then TMobile page, then the screen dims slightly, there is a little vibration in the phone, then the dreaded message shows up.

I booted the phone to Android Recovery startup and tried to WIPE CACHE, which did nothing. I will try anything. If you can help me recover my information, photos, etc on the phone, I will be forever grateful. Thank you.

I have done nothing to the phone since the message popped up (turned off and then turned on) and am not sure how to WIPE CACHE. What should I do? Is it possible to plug the phone into the computer and transfer all the data from the phone to the computer? Thank you.

Solution: From other reports we received and checking other Android forums, “Verification failed. Unable to restart your device…” error usually occurs on devices with encrypted partitions. If you did encrypt your device before, you’ll need to have your phone up and running first if you hope of making your backups acccessible to other devices. While encryption is a good way to secure data, it can also be a way to lose the data you’re protecting for good once the device fails, like what’s happening right now. Encrypted data can only be read by the device that encrypted it in the first place. So, the main task for you right now is to keep the device on so you can remove the encryption and copy your files to another device.

Plug your Galaxy J7 to PC

You mentioned that the phone works normally when it’s charging so perhaps it will do the same when connected to a computer. This is the only workaround that we can think of. Because your device will be charging while plugged in to a computer, it won’t restart on its own and allow you to move files.

Use Samsung Smart Switch

Smart Switch is an official Samsung app primarily designed to transfer files from a Samsung device to a computer or another device. In order to use it, you must install the  application to both your computer and Galaxy J7 (if it’s not yet installed). Then, once you’ve done that, you can start moving your files thru it. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Connect your Galaxy J7 to your computer using a USB cable. Be sure the computer is already on before connecting.
  2. On your computer, launch an internet browser and visit the installation page for Smart Switch app.
  3. Click on the appropriate download link.
  4. Click to launch the downloaded .exe file (.dmg on Mac).
  5. Confirm that you accept the terms of the license agreement by clicking the two check boxes.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Complete the installation process by clicking the Finish button. After that, the newly installed Smart Switch app will run automatically.
  8. Once you’ve successfully installed Smart Switch on your computer, it’s time to install the mobile version to your Galaxy J7. Open the Play Store app and search for Smart Switch.
  9. Install Smart Switch on your Galaxy J7.
  10. Remove the encryption of the files you want to save to your computer.
  11. Begin moving your files to your computer.

For more information how to use Smart Switch, visit this page: How to create backup from Samsung device to your computer via Smart Switch

Replace the battery

After securing your data, the next good thing to do is to ensure that your J7 won’t crash unexpectedly by replacing its battery. After years of using it, its battery must have already been depleted. This may be the reason why it can no longer keep the system stable. If the battery can be removed, get rid of it and replace it with an official Samsung battery. If the battery is non-removable, let Samsung replace it for you.


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