7 Best Decibel Meter Apps To Measure Noise Levels

Today we are looking at decibel meter apps to measure noise levels. Do you work in a loud factory and want to see just how much damage is happening to your ears when you “forget” your ear plugs? Maybe you frequent the shooting range and want to see just how loud your new rifle will be before hunting season?

Maybe you work in the mining industry where some equipment can be so loud that when you are in certain areas you have to use inner ear AND ear muff ear plugs. Are you a sound technician for concerts, amateur bands, or your church? Maybe you just like going to concerts and want to know how loud it is where you’re sitting?

Whatever your reason we are sure there are many we have not thought to list here; however we know that there can be endless reasons for wanting to know how loud your immediate environment is.

We are also guessing that you don’t want to spend anywhere from $200 to $3,000 or more on a tool to satisfy your curiosity. With that in mind, here are our picks for the seven best apps to measure noise levels in decibels (dB.)

Sound Meter & Noise Detector

Coming in at number one we really like “Sound Meter & Noise Detector.” This app is excellent at graphing sound while running in the background on your device; all while saving battery since your screen doesn’t have to be on all the time. The only reason this app is listed so low in our top 5 list is the fact that it’s a little overpowering in the ad’s department. If that’s something you can live with then be sure to download and try it today!

Download it now: Google Play

Sound Meter – Decibel Meter & Noise Meter

In second place is the “Sound Meter – Decibel meter & Noise meter.” In this app you will find the ability to calibrate, save recordings, and more options that might typically only be available in a pro app. One really unique thing about this app is the fact that you can earn coins by watching a few videos; then you can use those coins to remove ad’s! This is one way to gain a “pro” app without spending any of your hard earned money! Get yours today!

Download it now: Google Play

Sound Meter Pro

Next up we have an actual pro app… when this article was written “Sound Meter Pro” was listed lower than the average gas station pop coming in at $1.50. While the low cost would be well worth the ad-free app in itself; this app also shines in that it seems to be very accurate even comparing to professional dB monitoring tools. The app programmer regularly monitors feedback and encourages email to figure out why if something is not working quite right. They also have a blog where they update users of any pertinent information and note the limitations of this app. Be sure to check this app out when you download it today!

Download it now: Google Play

Sound Meter – Decibel

Our pick for fourth best dB meter is “Sound Meter – Decibel.” This app has an awesome user interface and several different ways to display the dB’s it is reading. Add to that the abilities to keep the screen on while monitoring, play pause or refresh the recording; the ability to calibrate the device depending on your phone’s hardware and many more options.

What you really have here is a professional level sound meter app with a free price tag. Enjoy when you download it today!

Download it now: Google Play

Sound Analyzer App

For our number five pick we have the “Sound Analyzer App.” Really this is packed with so many features that they should be charging… lucky for you and us it’s free! Even beyond the features available the owner is easy to reach for support and is eager to explain how to use certain features in this app. Like a few other apps listed here, this app can be calibrated to the device you are running it on giving you a far more accurate sound meter. Grab yours today!

Download it now: Google Play

Decibel – Threshold

Up next, we have Decibel – Threshold. This one is able to easily measure noises with a built-in decibels indicator (dB) in real time. In addition to that, it should show you the reference value for each type of environment as the sound level we are (i.e. this is the sound of a semi truck passing by, or a kettle going off).

This one actually works really well, and should work with most phones. This does require that the phone is at least running Android 5.0.

Download it now: Google Play

Sound Meter Simple

Sound Meter Simple is as simple as it sounds. Load up this app, and the built-in reader is able to show you what the dB level in the room is. It’ll show you noise levels, and warn you as to what’s dangerous and what’s fine.

However, there isn’t an actual reference point, except for on the app description.

Download it now: Google Play


Most of the apps listed above have the option to calibrate them to your device. Most people don’t know that the average phone mic is limited to the 30-96 dB range (the human voice being an average of 40-60 db.) Some phone mic’s start higher and end lower. For the most accurate results with any app listed above you need to know your equipment… test it with an actual sound meter and calibrate your chosen app to your individual phone; doing that you can get very accurate results within the capabilities of your phone. One of these app’s may not replace a sound meter completely; but it may be helpful when you don’t want to drag that around! Whichever app you choose above, good luck and we hope it works well for you!