7 Best Compass App For Android In 2019

There are lots of fake or sometimes compass apps that don’t work on the Google Play Store. That can make it difficult when trying to find one for that hiking trip you planned, or if you just like using a compass for fun.

With that in mind, we dug through the Google Play Store and found the most reliable free compass app for Android in 2019.  That said, you can be sure, after taking a look below, that you’ll have a good compass with you anywhere that works great and won’t be too annoying to use! Here are our top picks.

Compass Steel 3D

The Compass Steel 3D is a compass app that is ad free, and has many other features to offer, such as sun direction indicator, moon direction indicator, and self calibration so you won’t be waving your phone through the air all the time trying to calibrate it.

This makes sure that you can get a good reading all the time. In addition, Compass Steel 3D also has the option to choose between magnetic north and geographical north, so you can be sure you’ll be heading in the right direction. On top of all the nice bells and whistles this app also has a nice aesthetic to it, making this one our favorites!

Download it now: Google Play

Compass 360 Pro

Compass 360 Pro is worth taking a look at for your Android phone or tablet, too. The cool thing about this one is that it works worldwide. Many compass applications only work in the United States, but 360 Pro should work just about anywhere you go.

It comes with an easy-to-use design, but remember, just like a normal compass, you have to lay Compass 360 Pro flat for the most accurate reading.

Download it now: Google Play

Just a Compass

If you’re looking for something a little more simplistic option, Just a Compass will be right up your alley. One of the cool things about Just a Compass is that it’s completely free to download, and there are no ads to interrupt your experience. It’s a simple and lightweight applications, so it isn’t going to take up too much room on the phone, and it’s going to run pretty smoothly.

Download it now: Google Play

Compass Galaxy

The Compass Galaxy was created by Szymon Dyja, and is one of the few actually working apps. On top of that, most compass apps will only work on your phone if you have a magnetometer. The Compass Galaxy offers a simple user friendly compass app that lets you jump in without having to accept a million permission slips to access the compass.

So, if you’re lost and need an easy fix, overall this would be a great app to have on hand! One reviewer even matched it up with a real float compass and said it had the same reading as this app!

Download it now: Google Play


The Compass by GammaPlay is another great compass app for anyone who’s lost in the woods or can’t find their way back. The compass by GammaPlay is one of the more accurate compasses on the Google Play Store.

Some reviewers have said that this app does not provide an exact reading when shown against an actual compass, but does have a very close reading compared to other physical and expensive compasses. This cool app was also made so you can set your directions just by swiveling the bezel in the app, making this app even nicer to use!

Download it now: Google Play

Compass by NixGame

The Compass app by NixGame is easy to use and convenient, all with its ability to switch between geographic pole and magnetic pole so you can get the most accuracy out of this app!

The Compass app by NixGame also uses your GPS or other location services to make sure you have the most accurate reading. This app also will tell you your latitude and longitude, so you’ll be able to tell exactly where you are and even be able to give friends exact coordinates. Because the compass app by NixGame uses location services, you will also be able to see your exact location address!

Download it now: Google Play

GPS Compass by DIJKOT

The GPS Compass by DIJKOT is very fluid and runs really well, as opposed to many compass apps on the Google Play Store. If you’re looking for a simple, easy to use app without having too many frills, this app is for you! This app also has been known to be more accurate then others as well, so you can be sure when you take this on your field trip you won’t be let down!

This app works very fast and is not staticy or sticky like other compass apps are, so you can be sure you’ll have a reliable working app when you use this one. Since this app has less features, it’s more lightweight, running faster so you can almost instantly get results when you open this application!

Download it now: Google Play


All of these compass apps are great and work really well — there are a lot of Compass apps on the Google Play Store that just don’t work. With so many fakes or bad compass apps out there, it can be quite difficult to try and acquire a decent compass app that works well and runs smoothly, but also has all the necessary geographical info you need it to have.

So, here we have a bunch of great compass apps that work well and are not faulty like a lot of the other compass apps out there. What’s your favorite compass app? Let us know in the comments section below.