7 Best Games Like Animal Jam

Animal Jam is an online virtual world launched by WildWorks. With millions of players owning the game, you can tell that this is a very successful MMO, be it for your kids or yourself. And with all the fun things to do in this game, you may be wondering if there are any other clean and fun games for you to enjoy.

Well, you’ll be happy to know there are actually plenty of them out there. Here are our top picks:


Poptropica was designed for kids by Pearson Education. It’s an online game, where kids are thrown into a world with different in-game islands that they can visit. On these islands are a number of games that kids can compete in, and even talk with other kids!

Each island will have its own game, and will obviously have its own difficulties, but can always be accomplished by finishing goals, instances, and teaming up with other players. Competing in Poptripica games will reward kids with credits, which they can use to redeem in-game items.

Feral Heart

Feral Heart is actually extremely basic. It’s a browser-based game, but once you load it up, you’ll be thrown into the Animal Kingdom, where you’ll choose to play as a world or feline type creature. There’s a little character creation that you can do, essentially changing colors and textures.

There isn’t much as far as activities go, but Feral Heart does have a number of maps that you can explore as a canine or feline.


Wizard101 is a 2008 massively-multiplayer-online, role-playing game, created by KingsIsle Entertainment. Although this is free to play, you are likely going to find numerous micro transactions within the game, even costing an amount of money to explore certain parts of the game.

However, this game is definitely one your kids will enjoy. With character and personality design, it is easy to become your very own wizard to your very own design. With a large world to explore, plenty of monsters and bosses to fight, you can be sure to sink dozens upon dozens of hours into Wizard101.


Roblox is a multiplayer RPG intended to bring a platform for designing and creating hundreds upon hundreds of small and large game modes to offer a diverse experience and community for you and your family through focusing on hundreds of games created and developed by the community developers.

Roblox will allow you to even design your own game for you and your kids. Gaining millions of players, and having several million playing at one time, coupled with the major amount of devices that can and will run Roblox, you will find a very diverse community. You can find all sorts of games in this title, attempts to copy anything from Call of Duty, or making their own games and designs, all for the sake of improving the game.

Bin Weevils

Bin Weevils is a children’s massively multiplayer online game, featuring dozens of game modes and mini games, mixed with character design, and exploration, with a small leveling system integrated in, Bin Weevils is an interesting childrens game focusing more on social interaction then a huge focus on gameplay. Initially, Binweevils was launched by nickelodeon, but it eventually became independent of nickelodeon in 2007.

Bin Weevils has plenty of mini games for you to play, such as a variation of pool ball, to racing with very fast and very loud vehicles. Well the world itself has not been majorly developed or enhanced for some time, it is still an enjoyable clean title featuring the Weevils, creatures of which you can create as your avatar and explore this world with.


Pirate101 is a children’s MMO game with a pirate theme. In the beginning of this title, you are flung on to a pirate vessel, where you will answer various questions, marking your past and storyline for you to continue off of, you will also choose from 5 various classes at this location. The combat system brings you to a chess board like setting, in which you will face off with your enemy and defeat them, returning only to view the results of your combat prowess.

After dealing with the spymaster, the former captain of the ship is injured and wounded by him, so he leaves you to command his ship, and lead them to safety, and now, you will be able to traverse and explore the Pirate world for yourself in full!

Club Penguin Island

Club Penguin Island is an online video game successor to Club Penguin, which was officially closed in December of 2018. Club penguin has followed many of the themes of its predecessors traits, with an extreme focus on social interaction, and mini games throughout this island world. Such as racing through snowy landscapes with your friends, or taking part in a dancing contest in one of the lobbies, and exploring and climbing the mountains, and cliffs of this island.

With an extremely strict community of rules, you are very unlikely to find a whole lot of negative and inappropriate content, which makes it an awesome game for kids.


Animal Jam is a very successful children’s MMO. It may be difficult to find any reliable, safe areas for you and your child to play and enjoy together. With all the toxic players out there, hopefully some of these games will have caught your attention, and will be a far more reliable and safe site for you and your children to play together.