5 Best Surface Pro Games In 2019

The Surface Pro is a phenomenal device, and is extremely versatile. It’s great for normal business applications and your usual Windows 10-based tasks; however, unlike Android and iOS based tablets, you can do some really high-end gaming on here, gaming that you wouldn’t be able to do on other platforms. With the Surface Pro, even though it is a portable tablet, you can still keep up with your characters and friends in World of Warcraft, and stay competitive in games like Fortnight and Counter Strike: GO. The Surface Pro might be a tablet, but it does run Windows 10 with some powerful hardware backed behind it.

Best Surface Pro Games

On top of that, the Surface Pro has some excellent battery life, so you’ll be able to actually have some fairly long gaming sessions while on the go with plenty of battery life leftover for regular applications and tasks.

So what games should you download on the Surface Pro? We already gave you a sneak peak of some options you have above, but you’ll love what else you can install on this portable Windows 10 tablet as well. Here are our top picks.

World of Warcraft

First up on our list, is the critically acclaimed World of Warcraft game. This MMORPG has been out for years, and is still attracting millions of players, especially considering that it’s latest expansion is now out. You can create your character in this massive open world, progress through levels by questing, fighting bosses, running dungeons, and you can even get your social time in by partying up with other players. There’s an absolutely massive amount of content in this game, so you’ll never run out of things to do in this game either. And, it’s about every two years that a new expansion comes out (in between major content patch additions), so you can ensure that you’ll always have new content to explore.

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Of course, you don’t want to miss out on the hit game Fortnite either. Fortnite is another online game with a massive player base. It’s not a role playing game like World of Warcraft is, but it is considered to be a competitive and survival shooter. In Fortnite, you have to outlast the storm that is pushing players closer together, and then outlast players that are trying to kill you. You want to be the last one alive by the end of the match, giving you maximum rewards and ranking.

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Starcraft II

If you’re looking for a little more strategy in your life, then you’ll definitely want to check out what Blizzard’s StarCraft II has to offer. You’ll stay entertained with an exhilarating campaign across three available expansions. And then, you can take the fight online and get competitive with other plays. If you get good enough at StarCraft II, you could even be entering tournaments and winning money for your newfound skills. StarCraft II has a lively modding community as well, so there’s always new game modes to try out and play with other people.

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For Honor

For Honor is another one worth considering. This is an online combat game, where you take on the role of some type of medieval warrior — it can be a swordsman, ninja, Japanese samurai, you name it. You’ll be able to campaign online, fighting against the enemy team to overwhelm their forces and win the game for your team. For Honor keeps things moving on a larger scale, with a massive map for Blue and Red teams to conquer.

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Fallout 4

Last, but certainly not least on our list, we have Fallout 4. This sci-if based role playing game will have you entranced for weeks as you explore the riveting storyline of the Fallout series. There’s plenty of lore to wade through, areas to discover and explore, and plenty of character progression to level and rank through. Once you get done with the game, there’s a lively modding community adding more areas to discover with riveting storylines and quests. Players will love a lot of the random encounters that Fallout 4 encompasses, giving them more exciting and riveting time in this unique world.

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We’ve only scratched the surface on all of the amazing games available for Microsoft’s Surface Pro, but these are certainly some of the best. But do keep in mind that many of these games will have to be digitally downloaded after you purchase the license, as the Surface Pro doesn’t have a CD or DVD drive.

Best Surface Pro Games