5 Best Address Book Apps for Android in 2019

Contacts on our phone are essential to help us stay in touch. Especially for businesses, keeping contacts intact is an integral part of its operations. With physical address books pretty much obsolete now, it makes sense to have a robust address book on your phone, and not the one that your phone is bundled with.

There aren’t a lot of decent address books apps out there, but we’ve still managed to find some really good apps. So let’s have a look at some of the best address book apps for Android in 2019.

5 Best Address Book Apps for Android in 2019

Cloze Relationship Management

This app is way more than just another address book. As the title of the app suggests, it helps you manage relationships, both personal and professional. This is done by understanding human commands thanks to Smart AI. The app can also update contacts automatically based on changed email signatures. You can also use this app to set reminders to follow up on a call or simply reach out to people you haven’t talked to in a while.

The app is also good at managing your tasks. Cloze does this by giving you a unified view of all your important data, including emails, reminders, calls and texts, notes, files as well as Twitter and Facebook activity. The app doesn’t support Instagram as of yet, so businesses based out of the platform will be out of luck. However, it is hoped that support will be added soon. Cloze also lets you send personalized emails to multiple recipients at once. It’s the complete package really, and considering the kind of features it offers, we’re really not surprised it’s one of the best out there. Cloze is a free app on the Google Play Store and doesn’t contain ads or in-app purchases.


This app isn’t as elaborate as Cloze but is an excellent address book app to have so that you never forget a number again. This app has a large database of registered users, making phone number discovery a relatively easy process. If you’re a customer, you can use Hiya to find numbers of local businesses around you. Working more like an actual address book, Hiya also lets you monitor who calls you and block spammers or other harassing users.

The app comes with a fairly decent call log feature, which can even display the contact image of the person. However, this may require the user to be an existing member of the app. Given the spam identification features of the app, Hiya also works as an excellent Caller ID app. Spam alerts are provided instantly, so you know which call not to answer. Hiya is a free app on the Google Play Store. There are no ads here, but it does contain in-app purchases for additional features.


This is a similar app to the one we mentioned above, and it also contains a large database of user information such as phone numbers as well as their names and images (if any). Using this large set of contact details, the app can quickly ascertain which numbers are legit and which ones are not (spam). In addition to monitoring spammers over phone calls, Sync.ME also offers spam detection for texts, letting you know where exactly these messages are coming from.

Users will also be greeted to a treasure trove of features here, including call recording, contact backup and syncing, the ability to merge contacts, among other things. The app can scour through the user’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn feeds to look for recent images to match their personal profile. Naturally, this is done with the user’s consent, so you can also choose to opt out of it. Sync.ME also offers Caller ID themes, allowing you to customize the color of the caller ID popup extensively. Sync.ME is free to download on the Google Play Store. However, it comes with ads and in-app purchases.


At first glance, this app may look like a refined version of the stock Android contacts app, but it’s a whole lot more. In addition to offering a streamlined contacts view, PureContact can help you assign gestures to quickly perform an action like call, text, or even text using IM apps. This can be customized using the app’s settings page with the option to double tap or swipe. Moreover, PureContact also comes with 10 beautiful Material Design based themes, although this is limited to paying customers. You can also choose to categorize part of your contacts into groups, which can be used in tandem with the favorites feature.

It makes sense to replace your existing address book app with PureContact to make sure you reap its full benefits. PureContact also has a paid Plus version which brings a couple of new features to the fold. Fortunately, the free version of the app includes all the core features, so you will only need the paid version if you need widgets or notification bar visibility for your contacts. The free version of the app doesn’t have ads or in-app purchases.


This app is pretty similar to Cloze in terms of functionality. Covve offers a refined user interface and focuses on keeping in touch with your business and personal contacts. It will also give you relevant information on your contacts like news that may directly affect them. This is done by looking for news in the areas your contact lives in or the company that they work for. This can also let you know what’s happening to your contacts even if you may have lost touch with them.

You also get reminders to get in touch with your contacts, and there’s even an “I am in touch” option that will ensure you don’t get reminders for that particular contact again. Covve is a remarkably polished app, and comes highly recommended to busy working people who cannot remember all the important dates on their calendar. This is a free app but comes with in-app purchases on board. There are no ads, however.