8 Best Song Finder App for Android in 2019

We all go through situations where a tune is stuck in our head and we can’t quite pin it down to what song it is. For troubles like this, there have been apps to help you identify the song simply by listening to the audio track. While there are several of these in circulation today, only a few of them come to mind. This is why we decided to make a list about some of the best song finder apps for Android.

While we’ll cover most of the popular options, we’ve made sure to talk about some of the underrated apps that are available in the Play Store today. So without waiting any further, let’s have a closer look at these apps.

8 Best Song Finder App for Android in 2019


Undoubtedly one of the most popular music tagging apps in the world today, Shazam has continued to dominate the market over the past several years. The company was significantly bolstered post its acquisition by Apple Inc, although the app has continued to operate independently on the Android platform. In terms of features, Shazam can listen to any audio track in the background and identify it for you. The database is quite large and ever growing, which means that almost every song is listed here. Of course, some of the original tracks that are uploaded by YouTube creators may be missing on the database.

In addition to identifying music, Shazam can help you sing along with a dedicated lyrics tab that syncs perfectly with some audio tracks. You can also identify TV shows using the same method. If you’re at a party and want to discover pretty much every track that’s played on the location, the always-listening feature will tag songs playing around you even if the app is running in the background. However, this may cause your phone’s battery to train faster than usual. As has been the case for quite some time, Shazam is a free download and has no ads or in-app purchases.


This is yet another attractive audio tagging app that has been around for a while. The app has undergone multiple changes over the years, with newer and better features being added with each subsequent update. The ability to search for songs without your hands is pretty cool as well. All you have to do is say “Ok Hound” followed by the request, and the app will work its magic to identify the track for you. Once you have a song tagged on SoundHound, you can choose to directly add those tracks to your Spotify playlist.

SoundHound offers a music map which lets you check out what people around you are listening to. The app has a steady stream of new tracks and albums that are currently breaking the charts. All your identified songs can be accessed at any time from within the app. Although SoundHound is a free app, customers have to make do with ads. There are no in-app purchases, however.


This is a classy music identification app that comes with a few visual effects that can surely enhance your music experience. The massive lightning button on the app is the real highlight, as not only can it identify tracks, but it can display strobe light effect in perfect sync with the music playing around you. Most apps simply offer lyrics syncing, so it’s good to see someone going one step further to offer a unique experience. The music recognition technology on Beatfind is powered by ACRCloud which has a decent database of tracks.

Further, each song you have identified can be previewed to get a sense of what it actually sounds like. Once you have identified a song, it’s pretty easy to listen to its official version from Spotify, YouTube or Deezer. All the songs you’ve identified on Beatfind can be easily accessed from the app. Beatfind is a free download on the Google Play Store, but comes with ads. There are no in-app purchases. The app works with devices running Android 4.2 and higher.


This is yet another popular music tagging app that has a large database of songs, allowing you to recognize basically any song out there. Musixmatch also supports lyrics syncing with services like Youtube, Spotify, Play Music, Pandora and others. For non-English songs, users can choose to get translations for the lyrics in real time so you can finally know what they’re singing about. Musixmatch also offers a floating lyrics widget which can quickly pull up the lyrics for the song that’s playing in the background.

The app also allows you to share your favorite lyrics with the LyricsCard feature, offering amazing backgrounds for the lyrics you wish to share. Users can choose to get notified whenever new lyrics from one of their favorite artists becomes available. All the songs you’ve identified can be gathered in a dedicated Spotify playlist. As you can see, this is an incredibly functional app and is available for free on the Play Store. It comes with ads and in-app purchases, though. Musixmatch works with devices running Android 4.1 and up.


Genius’ library consists of over 1.7 million songs and counting, so it’s very likely that you will end up finding the song that’s been playing in the background. Naturally, it can also pull up lyrics almost instantly and sync up in real time with music services like Spotify, Play Music, YouTube, and so on. Identification here is pretty similar to what we see on other apps, and is powered by ACRCloud. The app will request access to your notifications, but that’s only to help you identify tracks. The developers assure its users that none of the data is stored, accessed or read.

Genius is somewhat lacking compared to some of the other popular music identification apps out there. However, if all you want to do is simply identify the music around you, Genius will surely get the job done. For those seeking discovery features and information about new artists, something like a Shazam or SoundHound fits the bill perfectly. Genius is a free app on the Google Play Store, but has ads. There are no in-app purchases.


This is a significantly advanced music identification service that brings some important features in addition to the basic. Most importantly, each song you identify can be marked with a location as well as a note to help you remember where you identified that cool track. Once you have a decent list of identified songs, MusicID will let you identify other songs from the same or similar artists. Moreover, each artist whose track you ID has a detailed page about their biography and popular songs.

The user interface is pretty simple and not too complicated to understand. There’s a prominent red bar on the top of the app screen which can be tapped to identify songs playing in the background. This is an excellent app for music discovery in addition to standard music tagging. This app is completely free to download and is devoid of ads and in-app purchases. MusicID works with any device running Android 4.4 or higher. Although the app hasn’t been updated in a while, it still works as it was originally supposed to.

Music Detector

The name leaves no ambiguity about the features of the app, and this even looks similar to some of the popular music tagging apps. The data here is gathered from ACRCloud, which is one of the most reliable sources for music information on the internet. The app follows a blue color scheme and a lightning bolt button on the screen, which when pressed will activate music identification. If you find that this app looks eerily similar to Shazam, well, you’re not alone.

The app also comes with a history feature which stores all the songs you’ve identified within the app. As you would expect, this works with any kind of music regardless of where it’s playing. However, this may not work all too well with live music at a concert or other settings. Music Detector is free to download on the Play Store. This app comes with ads and in-app purchases. It runs on phones and tablets running Android 4.2 or higher.

Lyrics Mania

Although lyrics is the main focus of this app, it also comes with the ability to ID songs in real time and display lyrics to singalong. The app also comes with an integrated music player with a clever lyrics syncing feature on board. Even if you’re listening to a song on a different player like Spotify or Play Music, Lyrics Mania can cleverly detect the lyrics for them as well. My favorite feature, of course, is the ability to quickly tag songs that are playing in the background, although the addition of lyrics does enhance the experience significantly.

Bear in mind that keeping music ID on for a long time may impact the battery life of your smartphone. This is a free app but has ads and in-app purchases to buy additional features. Be sure to check it out.