Samsung Chromebook Pro Vs HP Chromebook 14 Best Chromebook 2019

Are you looking for a new laptop? Then you’ve come to the right place. Yes, Chromebooks tend to be miniature versions of laptops, but perhaps that’s all you need or are looking for. While a good, regular-sized laptop can run anywhere from $800 well into several thousand dollars, these Chromebooks are a fantastic alternative.

Best Chromebook LinkPrice on
SamsungSamsung Chromebook Pro471.99
HPHP 14-inch Chromebook284.85

Today we’re going to compare two of our favorites for you, the Samsung Chromebook Pro and HP’s Chromebook 14. Both are really great options for regular use and for the office, plus the prices are significantly lower than typical laptops.

Samsung Chromebook Pro

The Samsung Chromebook Pro is a great device, and is a little smaller than your typical Chromebook, at 12.3 inches of LED touch screen display. While some people may not like the smaller screen, it makes it extremely easy to travel with, because you can just slip it in to any backpack or tote and be on your way.

As for the specifics, this one has 4GB of system memory, and a Intel HD graphics card 515. It also comes with a built in pen, so that you can work with the utmost precision. And even though this Chromebook is small and very light, it still has the ability to run heavy programs for things like gaming and photo/video editing with 32GB of internal storage.

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HP Chromebook 14

HP’s Chromebook 14 is another great option for a Chromebook, especially if you plan to work off of it or utilize it for simple use. This one is 14 inches, about 2 inches larger than Samsung’s, and actually does not have touch screen display. It’s still awesome for regular use, but unfortunately you won’t be able to convert it into tablet mode.

For specifications, this Chromebook has 4GB of memory, and 16GB of storage. That’s not a whole lot of storage, so keep in mind you won’t be playing any games on here or doing any major system downloads. However, similarly to the Samsung one, this one also has a webcam plus a built in microphone.

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Both of these Chromebooks are awesome, and cost a good deal less than your standard laptop. However, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that when it comes to which one is heavier duty, it’s hands down the Samsung Chromebook. That being said, perhaps that’s not something you are looking for. If you just need an option that is portable, no frills, and sufficient for basic browsing/school/office work, the HP 14 is really fantastic.

If you’re looking to get the best here. We recommend the Samsung Chromebook Pro. The HP Chromebook 14 is a super budget-level laptop, especially in the display. Yeah, you get a large 14-inch display, but the amount of pixels its pushing is minimal. You get around a 1,400 x 700 screen, which isn’t great for watching movies, TV and the like. On the other hand, the Samsung has a small display and a beefy resolution, giving you the crisp clear clarity you’d want out of a display.

With that in mind, the HP Chromebook 14 doesn’t require nearly as much power to run, so you’ll actually get 11 1/2 hours out of its battery. It’s perfect for work and occasional computer use, but that’s about it.


This is the place where a big difference comes into play. While the Samsung Pro is the more durable, possibly more long-term option here, it’s also basically double the price of the HP 14.

The HP 14 is around $250 on Amazon at the moment. That’s a fantastic price, and with this being a Chromebook, the quality won’t disappoint. You really won’t be able to find a better system for any cheaper, so if you’re on a budget, definitely look into this one more and all of the amazing features it has to offer.

The Samsung Pro is closer to $500 or even $600 depending on where you get it from and what bells and whistles you choose to add to it. However, as we mentioned before, this comes with more storage, and, overall, more power behind it. It more closely resembles a regular laptop, so you’ll be able to do more than just simple browsing or office work on it. Depending on what your priorities are, this may be the one that fits those best.


You can’t go wrong with either of these Chromebooks, but we hope you found this article helpful in narrowing down your options. If you do end up trying one of these, be sure to tell us all about your experience in the comments section. We’re very interested in hearing what your take on the product is.

Best Chromebook LinkPrice on
SamsungSamsung Chromebook Pro471.99
HPHP 14-inch Chromebook284.85