5 Best Android Wear Apps in 2019

There are a variety of Android apps available in the market today, but not a lot of them are found for Android Wear smartwatches. Although the situation has gotten significantly better now, you won’t be able to find Android Wear apps for every popular application. But there are some key app developers who have dedicated apps for Google’s wearable platform. We are going to discuss some of them today. Most of these apps are used frequently by the users, so it’s likely that you have used one or some of these apps here.

Naturally, given the limitations of the smartwatch platform, it can get quite difficult to perform functions on it the same way as you would on a smartphone. So one can’t expect these applications to completely replace their smartphone versions. However, what these wearable apps can do is offer quick updates, thus negating the need to open up your smartphone for every small notification or prompt. Keeping this in mind, companion apps like these are a must have for every Android Wear user, mainly from a convenience perspective.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the most widely used messaging application out there, thanks to the large user based enjoyed by Facebook. Nearly a billion people use it every day, and with Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp Messenger, the company currently dominates the instant messaging market. If you’re a Facebook user and have an Android Wear smartwatch, you would be pleased to know that there is a dedicated Android Wear version of the application.

The app lets you strike a conversation with your friends, send messages using your voice, and naturally, get notified when a new message comes in. Keep in mind that it can get quite awkward dictating messages to your loved ones on Facebook while in public, so we suggest using this only when you have complete privacy. Facebook Messenger for Android is a free download, and has already seen nearly a billion downloads, so you can download the Android Wear version without much worry. The developers are frequently updating the app with newer features, so you will always be in the loop.