5 Best GIF Apps for Android in 2019

Entertainment is available in several forms today. We watch movies, follow meme pages to get our daily dose of laughter and fun. One of the innovations of the modern tech world is the arrival of GIFs. These files are pretty much like videos, but slightly lower in quality. This, in turn, means that the file sizes are pretty short, making them perfectly suited to share around social media networks. There are a variety of GIF sites out there that allow you to create and share your own GIFs. Given that most tech users rely on their smartphones and tablets for entertainment, there are dedicated GIF apps on the Play Store to make it easier for everyone.

We’re going to talk about a few of these apps in this article today with the attempt to help you find the best apps suited for your liking. Bear in mind that we’re including some popular names, so you might recognize a couple of the apps from this list.

5 Best GIF Apps for Android


You might have heard of GIPHY through a number of sources. This is one of the world’s largest library of animated GIFs, so if you can’t find it on GIPHY, the chances are that the GIF doesn’t exist or is not as popular as you think. GIPHY makes it easy to create and upload your own GIFs as well. Naturally, discovery is a key aspect of GIPHY, so you can browse through the vast library for a popular GIF that you saw somewhere and haven’t been able to spot it anywhere else.

Some users will also be aware of GIPHY integration with a wide number of social media networks including apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. This means that most of the GIFs that you see floating around the internet probably came from GIPHY. It’s an incredibly versatile app, and nullifies the need to have a dedicated memes app. In addition to creating your own GIFs, the app also lets you give neat captions for them, letting you put in that personal touch to the GIFs. It’s no surprise that the developers call this the GIF search engine, because it is. Be sure to check out GIPHY from the Play Store. The app is free to download and has no in-app purchases. There are no ads either, which is great.

GIF Keyboard

This, as the name suggests, is a keyboard that offers GIFs directly. This means you don’t have to go to a separate app to find the GIFs you require. You can also search through the library of Tenor using keywords and even search using emoji, which is a handy discovery tool. Further, users can browse through GIFs based on what’s trending on that particular day. The app doesn’t let you create GIFs, however. So you’re limited to what’s being offered by the developer here.

The app has been installed over 10 million times already, which speaks volumes about its popularity in the marketplace. Keeping this in mind, we strongly recommend everyone to try out this app at least once. As far as keyboards go, GIF Keyboard is pretty great and can also serve to be your replacement keyboard if you’re someone who relies a lot on GIFs. The developer doesn’t specify the source for the GIFs, so we’re guessing the material is sourced from their own library. So while the collection might not be as large as other GIF apps, you are definitely going to find some of the best GIFs of the day here.

GIF Keyboard is a free download and has no in-app purchases or ads. The app is compatible with devices running Android 4.0.3 and up.


One of the most popular image sharing sites out there, Imgur has all sorts of funny videos and memes that you will need. GIFs are also available within the app, which makes it convenient for all users. Posts are uploaded every minute, so the chances are that you will find something that strikes your fancy very regularly. You can filter GIFs within the app, so you can get exactly what you’re looking for. What I particularly like on Imgur is their collection of fail GIFs, i.e. GIFs of foolish people trying something extraordinary and failing.

While an app like GIPHY is exclusively meant for creating GIFs, Imgur is an image hosting site that has built a cult popularity around the world thanks to the kind of content that comes through. You can upload your own GIFs on Imgur to score some social media points and become the trending topic of the day, all it takes is one catchy GIF or image. Imgur is a free download from the Google Play Store, although you will have to deal with ads. There are no in-app purchases, however. The app is compatible with devices running Android 4.1 and higher.

GIF Maker

As the name suggests, this app lets you create catchy GIFs within a matter of few seconds. While it doesn’t have a vast library of GIFs, it can help you convert short video clips into GIFs instantly. You can add over 200 images to create a GIF, although it’s going to be time consuming. You can also extensively edit your GIFs by cropping them and reducing the size of the frames as well. This is pretty much the only GIF editing app that you need to have right now. This is recommended for GIPHY users as well as it’s always good to have an alternative at your disposal.

You can find videos from social media networks and create GIFs based on that as well, making this a convenient tool for creating GIFs on the go. The app is free to download, although you will have to contend with a few ads. There are in-app purchases as well, which can help you remove the ads. The app is compatible with devices running Android 4.1 and above.


This is not an app, but a web service that works well on any phone. It can be a bit inconvenient to use this on your smartphone at times, but we strongly recommend Imgflip.com for the kind of content it offers. Memes and GIFs are posted regularly, so you have an almost endless supply of funny videos, pictures and GIFs here. We’re not sure how long it will take for the developers to come up with a dedicated app, but for now, the browser version is all we have to go with. It’s a neat little service with the ability to upload your own GIFs as well. You can also browse through the trending GIFs and posts from the homepage, giving you an early glimpse of what the people are talking or joking about at any given point. Needless to say, the service is completely free. Be sure to check out imgflip.com.