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What to do if Galaxy J3 (2017) restarts when playing games

Is your Galaxy J3 (2017) device restarting when using an app or playing a game? Learn how to deal with it below.

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Problem: Galaxy J3 (2017) restarts when playing games

This is the 2017 version with fixed battery, so cannot do soft reset, After a recent update the phone is restarting, but only in one or other of the two games installed. Spider solitaire and Wordstorm. I have cleared cache, deleted and reinstalled the two games individually and together, with cache clearing in between to no avail. If I do not use the games then no problem. I have a 32gb SD card which looks ok on a pc. Any advice most welcome!

Solution: If your Galaxy J3 (2017) works fine without these games, then that signals either of these two issues:

  • the games run on inefficient coding
  • hardware is restricted or limited in supporting the games

Even if a game install in a particular Android device, that doesn’t mean that it can work perfectly. Poor programming or new coding changes later on can affect its performance. Sometimes, app updates may make or break apps and unfortunately, there’s nothing much an end user can do in these situations. Such problems can only be addressed by the app developer so all you can do on your end is to report the problem to them.

In other cases, hardware incompatibility or limitation may also impact the general performance of an app, especially for games. While the Galaxy J3 has decent hardware, it may not have met the minimum requirements needed to run the games properly. We are not familiar with these games so we can’t be sure if this is what’s causing your problem. Again, we want you to contact the developers of the games for first hand information regarding compatibility, or lack of it.

When reporting a bug, make sure to mention all the troubleshootig steps you’ve done so far. If you noticed any difference after doing something, such as installing an update or a new app, make sure to mention them as well. Doing so will help developers narrow down possible causes faster.

Overheating restarts a device

If you noticed that your Galaxy J3 (2017) becomes overly warm when playing any of these games, it’s possible that the system may be overheating. In order to prevent damage to internal components, your Samsung device is designed to shut down on its own when certain temperature threshold is detected. If this keeps on happening when playing games, that means that your phone may be working too hard to meet the app’s demands. Make sure to allow the phone to cool off for at least 30 minutes before using it again. Better still, simply stay away from these games, or get a more powerful device to play them.


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