7 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: How to Add / Remove your Samsung, Google accounts, update information, turn on syncs”

  1. i bought a galaxy s7 , that is not blacklisted but it is Google locked, there is no setting option to do a frp removal to remove the Google account? What do i do?
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  2. I’m running off of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with Android vr.7. I’m not seeing any option to remove a synced Gmail account, and after encountering one of the rudest (but most stereotypical sounding) customer service operators, I’m finding Google Support less than supportive. Can anyone help?

  3. I need to remove the samsung account, use a different samsung account. There is no top right menu to remove and will not let you add a 2nd account

  4. Sammy removal IR blaster from the S7, I heard a solution for that.

    It’s a Kickstarter campaign soon to be launch.

    S7 is supported, and then you will have the IR blaster on S7.

    That way we will enjoy S7 and still have IR in your smartphone.

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