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  1. I followed the steps till you said tap “More”. There is no “More”, only a list of on/off buttons, none of which are titled “More”. I have stopped recieving all emails since 10/30/17. One of my emails stopped about a year ago and doesnt even show up anymore under “Accounts”. By the way, you promise my email won’t be published. Nice, but why do you want it? I’M NOT GETTING ANY NEW EMAILS FROM ANY OF MY EMAIL ADDRESSES! YOU CAN’T ANSWER ME VIA EMAIL! Don’t tell me to check on my computer. I don’t have one. I rely on my cell. Can’t afford both a $600 cell and a $600 computer.

  2. i have a galaxy edge6 and have tried all what you have said to sync my email, it shows it has been syned to today’s date when i go to re-sync it, but when i go to check my email, it is still showing last month date when it was synced. and no new email is showing, although new email is showing on my desk top computer. what is there left for me to do to get my new emails on my phone. It refuses to update and sync, sync button is on. under settings, syn is shown updated, but under email, it’s showing last month date instead of aug. 3 as being last date synced. HELP

  3. FYI: Samsung galaxy S6 edge does NOT have as described in the first enquiry from Novak: “Settings>Data Usage>Menu>Auto Sync Data.””>Menu” does not exist on this.
    Second, it is very stupid to say clear the cache and then you say choose the application in question. Novak’s question was very clear and it was about the email. Then, in your description of clearing the cache in the app in question, there is not what you described in the email app settings. (btw, have it open right here in front of me.)
    Please, I don’t even want to continue with the many other half arsed help comments, you need to be very specific and read clearly what people are asking.

  4. I followed instructions above, but when I get to menu in data usage screen, there is no “auto sync”option to check.

  5. I have an S6 with email client connected to my account this has been fine for at least 6 months. Suddenly the email app is using a ridiculous amount of bandwidth from less than 1G/ month to 17G. there are no big downloads or unusual behavior. The graph for usage shows steady high usage. I have switched of background data for the app but there is no method to manually sync when I want to. This is 2 issues really 1. why has the data usage gone through the roof with no change in usage? 2. How can I set up not to use background syncing but sync when I want to. There is no manual sync button.

  6. I have two email accounts in my S6 Edge, which can send emails and synchronize with their servers with my WIFI home network ON ONLY. With mobil mobile network on and WIFI OFF I have running internet connection and Dropbox connection. But both email accounts stop sending emails and synchronize with servers. Connection to an unsecured WIFI doesn’t help.

  7. I have a hotmail account on my Samsung galaxy note 2 mobile and all its folders whether inbox or sent or drafts where synced
    where I am choosing push mode for sync.
    recently I tried to add another office365 mail account to my phone and while setting it up I received a message that it can delete or modify any of my phone settings and asked me if I want to proceed or not and then I cancelled this installation.
    Then I was checking my sent folder on the hotmail and found that it is not up to date so I reviewed the settings and found it changed to manual mode so I changed it back to push and went to the sent folder again and pressed refresh and then it added some emails but it stopped at 2014 and didn’t add more emails andwhen I send a new email nnow it doesn’t appear in the sent folder although the sync mode is push and the sync period is all.
    so how to fix this problem.
    Also autosync option is chosen I. Settings

  8. I have a Samsung s6 edge plus phone as well as a Samsung tablet. How do I sync tasks between the two devices?

  9. I have a problem with synchronising. When I remove the account it works for 1 or 2 days and then it stops synchronising. When I go to search and I look for a specific email of that day, I press MORE and they Continue searching on the server.
    Than email is visible, but when I close it it disappears while the system is NOT synchronizing.
    I have 2 mail addresses in the phone, 1 works well, the second not

  10. hi, i recently purchased a samsung s6 galaxy edge plus (AT&T) and I am using the Email app to receive my gmail emails. I switched from an iphone to my first samsung (may be a bad/good decision – depending on ur level of loyalty to the 2).

    Whenever someone sends me an email I don’t receive notifications for mins (10+ mins) and when I try to open the email app it doesn’t show my email i have to wait for secs (5-15 secs) til it pull the newely received emails. I am not sure if there is a setting that i need to turn on that pulls email automatically rather than me visiting the email app each and every time to see my email (which is dumb).

    Please help as this issue is really bothersome.


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