4 Replies to “How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 5 “Google Account Action Required” error & other common errors”

  1. I bought a note from the Internet and I factory reset and I can’t get into it becomes it’s asking for a previous Google email I don’t no there email and can’t get ahold of them to get it what do I do I payed 300. For phone I’d hate to lose that becouse I can’t get in it

  2. Regarding the issue of “CUSTOM BINARY BLOCKED BY FRP LOCK”, has there been other cases of this where it comes up even though the firmware hasnt been touched? My phone currently has this issue and I have never rooted or flashed any roms (custom or official). The only thing I did was take out my sim, insert into a new phone and setup that new phone with the same google account.

  3. Did Verizon even try to take a look at it or conduct further tests? For dropped calls, it’s either a network (coverage) problem or a phone issue and the provider is obliged to rule out the possibility that the problem exists on their end. Its next course of action should the problem continue is to replace the unit.

  4. Dropped calls on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Through Verizon neither of which will admit that a problem exits.
    Had the Galaxy S 4 no problems. And an LG Revolution before that still no problem. But the Galaxy Note 5 dropping calls, I’ve seen other boards with this issue so I know I’m not the only one.

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