10 Replies to “Galaxy S7 keeps showing “moisture detected in the charging port” error, won’t charge via USB”

  1. my a5 2017 keeps showing moisture error..but when i power it off it charges..when i re plug it in…it shows the same

  2. The Same problem “Moisture Detected” popped on my A5. I just restarted the phone and it was working fine.

  3. My Samsung galaxy A5 keeps saying moisture has been detected to charge your device make sure your charging/USB port is dry. What should I do, i put it in a bag of rice over night and put the vacuum cleaner to it and it hasn’t helped it any at all. Please help

  4. My Galaxy phone worked for the first two months that I had it, but has recently started showing the “moisture detected” message and refusing to charge when I plug it in. I’ve noticed that this happens more often when the phone has a very low battery percentage. If I hold the cord at a certain angle, it will sometimes work despite the “moisture detected” message, so it is unlikely that the charging port is actually wet. The cord is brand-new and undamaged, and this happens no matter what cord I use, so the problem is not with the cord. My phone has never gotten wet or even been splashed with water, but I live in a very humid area, which is why I bought a phone that was advertised as being “water resistant” in the first place, although this is clearly false.

  5. “Moisture detected” error has been on my phone. Has never been near moisture. I am obsessive about taking care of my cell phones and I keep my phones an average of 5 years. This S7 started with the BS message of moisture after only a few months. Not happy, and this will probably cause me to never purchase a Samsung phone for any of our 4 lines.

  6. Hi Chris, I just got mine two weeks ago and it gave me that error msg with moisture in the phone and never been in moisture, so I did the factory reset and it worked, usually cause some of the apps that are being downloaded, but it only works for like a couple days for me, and then it comes back.

  7. Hi my S7 edge has been displaying the moisture error since Monday afternoon. It would not charge for a few hours, then randomly worked. Tuesday the problem persisted but happened more often I was only able to charge my phone to 25%. Today I charged my phone to 50% and got the error message all day, phone died an hour ago and wont charge at all, tried muliple outlets charging ports and cords nothing works. I have not had my phone around water at all. the only thing that could of happened was weather conditions. I have never had an issue with any phone not charging. this phone is supposed to be water resistant, I dont understand why this phone is malfunctioning I’ve had it for a little over 4 weeks

  8. Good Morning

    I have an A5 (2017) new for a month now and started giving me the same error message. Phone was never exposed to water

    Please assist?

  9. Hi all
    I have a Samsung 7 . I purchased this July 2016. No issues what so ever until yesterday. March 18 2017. I have been on hols in Queensland. Weather hot & Humid. Flew to Hawks Nest NSW. Yesterday. Phone stopped wanting to charge with same error message as above Tanya. Humidity here is worse than Queensland. I suspect after reading Forums that I too have moisture within. Never ever have had this problem with any mobile over the years. This phone has been well cared for and has never seen water. I have tried to dry out port with hair dryer but not luck. I cant remove backing to dry it either.

    Does anyone know where I can get a wireless Charger & approximate cost

    thankyou all Cheers Chris

  10. My hubby and I also have problems with #6: Galaxy S7 keeps showing “moisture detected in the charging port” error and won’t charge via USB. Neither of us has dropped it in the water or gone in the shower with it. At best we’ve had wet hands, sweaty pockets or maybe a splash on the screen. Is it possible that humid conditions can set off the self diagnosis feature. That really sucks if the warranty is voided because we haven’t subjected our phones to any more torture than we did our S6s and neither model has ever been dunked or submerged in any way! The S 6s are going strong after 3 years. Our S7s are only 7 months old! Mine is still working for now but my husband’s is dead. They said to take all the data off it before sending it in but how when you can’t even turn it on let alone connect to the computer or back up to your samsung account. Not happy Jan!

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