3 Replies to “How to fix Galaxy S7 weak cellular signal strength issue, other issues”

  1. Hi iv got samsung s7 and after 1st update film 1 it frozze til i got it fixed by moble place . But since iv had reception ussies badly only telstra works 99% well in it. But i NEED vodafone in it but has 3g or 4g problem cuts out big time . I just dont no wat to do iv asked every phone dealer but no help

  2. Simple solution to poor signal make sure global mode is on if so no need for a signal boost use wifi calling this is free and no install required go to settings>advanced calling>wifi calling and set it up, no need to pay 150.00 – 200.00

  3. When I do the factory reset the Android logo appears and it says no command it doesn’t master reset it does everything else but that

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