3 Replies to “Deleted emails reappear on Samsung Galaxy S7 & other email related problems”

  1. Galaxy S7 sent mail (IMAP and also POP) does not show up visible in the sent items folder anymore.
    However the mails are there but not visible. When I choose to select mails (while the folder looks empty) the counter nummer shows the amount of mails in there. So the mails are there but not visible anymore. This occurs since the 22th of july. Older emails are visible. New sent mails are not visible.

  2. On my s7 phone I can delete the emails out of the inbox but when I try to delete them from the trash some of them will have a pop up and say, “failed to perform action.” How do I get all these emails deleted?

  3. I downloaded a manual for a Phillips shaver last week. I read it then deleted it. But my samsung s7 keeps downloading it over and over no matter how many times I delete it.

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