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8 Best Bluetooth Amplifier In 2019

Amplifiers are an invaluable tool in this day and age. It’s a way to increase the power of a signal, power that the signal wouldn’t be able to achieve on its own. So, with an amplifier you can make something not only sound louder, but better in quality, too. Amplifiers are traditionally really expensive, but luckily, there are ways around that. With how popular Bluetooth has become, it should be no surprise that now we can buy Bluetooth amplifiers to amplify that electronic signal. These are able to come in smaller form factors, thus cheaper because the material used to make the item is a whole lot less. So, if you’ve wanted to get into an amplifier, but didn’t want to spend gobs of money, well, a Bluetooth amplifier might be the answer to that. Here are our top picks.

Best Bluetooth Amplifier

Facmogu 2 Channel Amp

First up on our list is the Facmogu 2 Channel Amp. This is a lot smaller in size, but still giving you access to three inputs. When this little guy is operational, it’s able to amplify your sound in a dual-channel output with 50W+50W. This amplifier not only supports Bluetooth input, but it works with USB and Aux as well. Keep in mind that when you hook up a wired input, it auto switches to wired functionality, and Bluetooth connection is lost. This amplifier might look like it’s small in size, but it’s insanely powerful and has a whole lot of applications, from musical instruments to home entertainment products, like TV, smartphones, and even laptops.

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Pyle Home Audio Amplifier

The Pyle Home Audio Amplifier is the next great amplifier on our list. It’s equipped with all sorts of inputs — Bluetooth, RCA, AUX, and even USB. It offers up to 90 watts of power, but still offers features to lower distortion while still accurately reproducing audio. There’s a push button for an input selector, allowing you to well, select which input you’re going to use. You can push the button all the way to down to take advantage of Bluetooth devices, and then you can release it to use AUX, MP3, and USB devices. Another neat feature of this amplifier is all of the equalizer controls that are offered on the system.

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Fosi Audio Stereo Audio Amplifier

Next up, we have the Stereo Audio Amplifier by Fosi Audio. The latest model of this amplifier came out in April 2018 with some awesome updates. It offers all of the usual inputs — RCA, AUX, MP3, and, of course, Bluetooth. Inputs can be chosen with a knob that you can turn — turning it away from Bluetooth will — as implied — turn off any Bluetooth signal emitting from the amplifier. The neat thing about this amplifier is that it was upgraded with Bluetooth 4.2, which means you Bluetooth devices can be a range of 33ft away from this amplifier and still work. Not only that, but it takes advantage of Bluetooth Low Energy features, which reduce power draw for energy savings.

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Fosi Audio Bluetooth 4.2 2 Channel Amplifier

Fosi Audio also offers a 2-Channel Bluetooth 4.2 Amplifier. It’s slightly different than the Stereo Audio Amplifier, but with some different features and slightly degraded hardware. Degraded, not being a bad thing, but making it cheaper for consumers. It runs off of Bluetooth 4.2, with the antenna allowing for up to 33ft of Bluetooth range. It works with all Android phones and tablets, as well as iOS devices, such as the iPhone and iPad. In addition, it’ll work with your home computer, TV setup, and even with your bookshelf speakers.

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Pyle 4 Channel Marine Amplifier

Next, we have the Pyle 4 Channel Marine Amplifier. Want to “amp” up the party on the water? Then you don’t want to miss out on this amplifier. This is a massive amplifier, capable outputting up to 400 watts of power. You’ll no doubt be able to get the party moving with that. It has a ton of different inputs, such as RCA, AUX, USB, MP3, and of course, Bluetooth. With high fidelity sound, you’ll be able to get excellent acoustic sound reproduction out of this bad boy, not to even mention the loudness you’ll get. Being a marine amplifier, it does have waterproofing to keep it safe from liquids, such as spray, condensation and potential rain.

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Pyle Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier

Yet another option from Pyle, the Pyle Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier is an excellent choice for those that are looking for looking to upgrade their home theater. This is ideal for streaming and improving wireless music, and even increasing the quality of your sound output of your TV. There are a variety of different inputs, such as RCA, AUX, USB, MP3, and of course, Bluetooth. There’s also adjustment knobs for treble, bass, master, and even mic volume.

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Yamaha R-S202BL Stereo Receiver

We’ve shown you a lot of great Bluetooth amplifiers on our list so far, but probably one of the best has to be the R-S202BL from Yamaha. Yamaha is well known as one of the top brands when it comes to all things sound. Suffice to say, you’ll get some of the best output with this Bluetooth amplifier. One of the more unique things about this one is that it actually has its own 40 station FM/AM presets. It comes in a polished, aluminum design, which keeps things looking stylish.

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Mini Stereo USB Bluetooth Power Amplifier

In eighth position, we have the Mini Stereo USB Bluetooth Power Amplifier by Lepy. This one works as a nice Bluetooth amplifier for all sorts of platforms, including at home, in your car, for your motorcycle, boat, and even tablet!I It has a power 68-watt sound output for great quality sound. On top of that, there’s adjustable Treble, Bass, and volume controls. The highlight of this amplifier is that it can easily play audio from U Disk/SD card, MP3 for music, DVD, and USBs.

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We’ve only touched the surface on all of the great Bluetooth amplifier out there. If you’re looking to just pick one, we recommend picking up the Pyle 4 Channel Marine Amplifier. Not only is it great out on the water, but in almost every other situation, too.

Best Bluetooth Amplifier

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