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5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbal For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

One of the best things that we can do with smartphones these days is film video and take high quality pictures. Many new smartphones are even capable of taking video in 4K resolution — for the average consumer, there’s almost no reason to buy a point-and-shoot camera or even a DSLR. After all, you have your smartphone! However, sometimes video isn’t that great because people have a difficult time holding their phone still. But, that’s where video stabilizing gimbals come in. With these gimbals, you put your phone in the cradle, clamp it down, and you have your very own video stabilizer for theater-like video.

Best Video Stabilizing Gimbal

Follow along below, and we’ll show you the 5 best video stabilizing gimbals for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Zhiyun Smooth-Q

First up, we have the Zhiyun Smooth-Q. It can hold a phone that weights up to 200 grams without a problem. You can go a little bit heavier than that, but at that point, you start sacrificing the stability aspect of the gimbal. It has a 12-hour long battery and controls on the gimbal itself for controlling video — such as start and stop functions, panoramic mode, timelapse, auto-tracking, and a variety of other controls. If you want super smooth video, you cannot go wrong with the Zhiyun Smooth-Q; it even has a 1/4-inch screw for any additional add-ons that you might want to purchase for the gimbal.

It does have an app available for it, which works with your phone’s GPS and Bluetooth technology to make a variety of other features available for it.

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ViewFlex S Pro 3

Next up, we have the ViewFlex S Pro 3. This video stabilizing gimbal works great with the Galaxy Note 8, especially if you download the companion app. Downloading the companion app allows you to access the remote features on the handle of the gimbal — you’ll get access to things like zooming, object-following, timelapse, shutter options and more. This is a 3-axis gimbal, so you’ll get three different positions for shooting video, as well as tilt and angle options. In addition, the ViewFlex comes with a remote that will let you adjust different settings from afar — focus length, on/off recording, etc.

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Movo Handheld Stabilizer

If you’re looking for something on the cheaper scale, consider the Movo Handheld Stabilizer for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. With this stabilizer you should get all of your basic features — shake-free handheld shots, smooth video capture, and the ability to take videos or photos at a couple different angles. Unfortunately, this gimbal doesn’t have any neat Bluetooth or app-enabled features — so you’ll have to start and stop video manually, capture shots manually, etc. Still, it’s a great gimbal that will keep your video stable, smooth and clean on a budget!

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Kamisafe AFI V2

Next up, we have the Kamisafe AFI V2. This is designed for heavy phones, so you should have no problem with stabilization and the Galaxy Note 8. It has a large battery, so this gimbal can last a long time before needing a charge. The Kamisafe has built-in mature anti-shake tech, so your videos should look similar to that of movies at the cinema in terms of smoothness. It comes with a handful of different modes that you can switch between, including semi following mode, all following mode, all locking mode, and inverting mode. It has a 1/4-inch screw at the bottom of this gimbal for mounting on a tripod.

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Moza Mini-C

Last up, we have the Moza Mini-C. This 3-axis gimbal was designed to hold most smartphones on the market with perfect stability, so you should have no problem with it and your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It comes with the 1/4-inch screw for the tripod mount at the bottom, has a couple of remote features, some different following modes, and you get a battery that should last up to eight hours on a single charge.

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So, which gimbal should you get for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8? If you’ve got the cash to spare, you just cannot top the quality of the Zhiyun Smooth-Q. You won’t get any smoother video than on that gimbal. Not only that, but all of its extra remote features, following modes, angle and tilt options are hard to pass up. If you’re on a budget and want a basic gimbal, the Movo Handheld Stabilizer is a great option. It’s only $50 and can really upgrade your video capturing skills in just a couple of moments.

Best Video Stabilizing Gimbal

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