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5 Best Sonos Beam Alternative In 2019

The Sonos Beam is making waves in the soundbar industry, being one of the first soundbar devices to have Amazon Alexa built inside. The soundbar itself sounds really great, but with being able to use it with Amazon Alexa, there’s a sort-of hands-free access to the Beam that you won’t find anywhere else. Of course, not everyone really enjoys that connected technology, and not everyone wants an Amazon Echo-type device in their home. So, what options are out there for folks that just want a normal soundbar without the frills? There’s actually a lot, and a lot of great sounding options, too. Here are our top picks.

Best Sonos Beam Alternative


First up on our list is the Vizio SB2821. This soundbar is on a 2.1 Channel, so you do get a subwoofer with it. Connect the soundbar up to your TV wired or wirelessly and you’ll get excellent sound quality with it. The subwoofer provides a booming, and rich bass that makes movie and music listening a super rich experience. The Vizio SB2821 is able to quickly and easily connect up to your smartphone as well, so if you want to change music streaming sources, you can with a simple Bluetooth connection. The Vizio SB2821 is able to produce some fairly loud sound as well, allowing you to turn up the volume all the way up to 95dB. The Vizio SB2821 actually comes with its own remote, so you can quickly alter the volume and different sound settings quickly and easily. Once you setup this soundbar you’ll immediately notice the rich and immersive sound experience that you have been missing out on.

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AmazonBasics 2.1 Channel Sound Bar

If you’re looking for a more affordable solution without risking too much sound quality, then you’re going to want to check out the AmazonBasics 2.1 Channel Sound Bar. This soundbar is able to produce accurate and quality sound across the board. Even though this soundbar has a built-in subwoofer, the bass is able to boom and is super rich. After hooking this bad boy up, you won’t have trouble getting that deep sound out of your movies, TV shows, and even music. It comes with a remote, so you won’t have trouble adjusting volume and other settings from afar.

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TaoTronics Soundbar

We’re big fans of what TaoTronics has packed in their own soundbar. This is actually a 40-inch subwoofer, so you’re able to fill any room with quality and loud sound. This soundbar even has a display on it for access to touch controls. With this touchscreen you’re able to adjust volume levels and access the device’s various settings. You can connect the TaoTronics Soundbar up to your TV via wired connections, or you can use your smartphone or tablet to stream music to the soundbar over wireless Bluetooth. Since it is a 40-inch soundbar, ideally you’ll want a larger TV for it.

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Megacra Sound Bar

The Megacra Sound Bar comes in at about 34-inches, so it’s ideal for TVs that are smaller in size than that. It actually has a 3D surround sound mode to give you a lifelike sound experience when watching movies and TV. Granted, it isn’t true 3D, but it still does sound great when enabled. It’s a 60 watt soundbar, so it is able to produce some loud sound. The Megacra Sound Bar does support wired connections, but you won’t have a problem streaming music over to it with Bluetooth. With a digital amp built-in, you’ll be able to get loud and crisp sound.

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Wotmic TV Soundbar

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Wotmic TV Soundbar. This is one of our favorites, coming in at 38-inches in size. It is a 2.0 channel soundbar, so there is a digital amp built-in. You’re able to get booming and rich bass out of this soundbar, but on top of that, you get accurate sound quality across the board. On the side of the soundbar is various buttons for adjusting volume and settings you have for sound. Wotmic allows you to connect the soundbar up to your TV by way of wired connections, but you can also stream music over to it through Bluetooth. A remote is included to control the soundbar from afar.

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If you’re looking for something that’s more affordable than the Sonos Beam and that doesn’t have all of that digital assistant technology inside, any one of these will suit your needs; however, we do like the Vizio SB2821 the most.

Best Sonos Beam Alternative

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