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5 Best Bluetooth Key Finder In 2019

Have you ever had trouble keeping track of your keys? Or maybe even your smartphone or tablet while out and about? I know I and many friends have. Believe it or not, a Bluetooth key finder can often come in handy for these situations. It’s essentially a location tag that allows you to see the last known location in the companion application. It makes it real easy to find where you left your keys, or a connected device like your tablet. You can even set it up to ring loudly if your connected Bluetooth devices gets so many feet away from it, helping you remember to grab your keys (or device) before you leave them at a store or restaurant!

Bluetooth Tracker

With that in mind, here are the best Bluetooth Key Finders you can pick up right now.

TrackR Bravo

First up, we have the TrackR Bravo Key Finder. This item tracker works for both iOS and Android, so it doesn’t matter what platform you’re on. Download the TrackR app on your phone, and when the Bravo Key Finder comes in the mail, you can connect it through the application. As you might’ve already guessed, TrackR uses Bluetooth technology to keep track of your items — walk so far away from it, and the Bravo will begin ringing to remind you to pick up your keys or whatever item you have it attached to. One neat thing about the Bravo is that you can simply replace the battery when it runs out instead of the whole Key Finder. It’s a great Key Finder, though it doesn’t have the distance of some of the trackers on this list.

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Huafly Bluetooth Tracker

Huafly makes a great anti-loss Bluetooth Key Tracker, too. They offer theirs for $30, which gives you two trackers, one for your keys, and any other item you might want to not lose. Download the app, and then you can connect up the two Bluetooth Key Finders, name them according to the item you’re tracking, and then you’ll never totally lose an item again. It has a replaceable battery, can last up to a year in standby mode, and will show you the last possible location the item is in that you lost. Not only that, but via the app, you can set your Key Finder to ring so that you can find the item it’s attached to by sound.

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Tile Mate

The Tile Mate is probably the best Bluetooth Key Finder on this list with the sheer amount of support and high-end software it has. You might expect that to make them a little more expensive, but they’re about the same as the rest on this list price-wise. Tile offers a bunch of different types of Key Finder’s and has been dubbed as the world’s best. The Tile Mate specifically is great for finding keys, as they fit seamlessly on your key ring; however, the have other products designed specifically for wallets and other items. The downside is that Tile products do not offer a replaceable battery, so you’ll have to buy a new one when the battery runs out. The good news is that Tile offers discounts on replacements, so you never have to pay full price again.

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Esky Key Finder

The Esky Key Finder isn’t a bad option, though a little more unique than the rest on this list. A package comes with one transmitter and four receivers. There’s actually no smartphone app with this one — it’s all controlled by the transmitter or remote, which makes this for more at-home use. Attach the receivers to items around your home, and then you can press the corresponding color of the receiver to make a sound when you’re looking for that item you lost. It’ll light up, too.

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Njoiii Bluetooth Key Finder

Last up is the Njoiii Bluetooth Key Finder. This Key Finder works akin to the Tile Mate. It has its own smartphone app so you can connect up your Key Finder and name it accordingly to the item you attach it to. One of the benefits of this tracker is that it’s super loud, so when you lose an item, open your smartphone app and turn “Lost Mode” on, the tracker will blast an annoying sound so that you can better find the item. These will set you back about $19 a pop, but have a range of up to 30ft indoors and 50ft outdoors.

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As you can see, there are all sorts of great Bluetooth key finders on the market, all that serve different purposes, too. With one of these, you’ll never lose an item again.

Bluetooth Tracker

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