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UE MegaBoom Vs UE MegaBlast Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers In 2018

One of the downsides about smartphones is that, when playing music, podcasts, and other media, it doesn’t always sound that great. In fact, many smartphones make it sound like you’re listening to audio through a soup can — it’s super echo-y, and sometimes the sound just sound dull. Luckily, there are ways you can upgrade your audio experience, on your smartphone and tablet! And that’s with a quality Bluetooth speaker. And you’re going to want a high-end Bluetooth speaker, because you’re just going to run into the same problem with a cheap Bluetooth speaker. So, today, we’re going to be looking at the UE MegaBoom and the UE MegaBlast.

UE MegaBoom Vs UE MegaBlast

If you follow along below, we’ll pit the two against each other, and show you which one is the right buying choice for you!

UE MegaBoom

First up, we have the UE MegaBoom. This is a successor to the UE Boom 2, with a few small notable improvements, as well as a price increase. You still get the round cylinder that produces sound in a 360-degree area. The UE MegaBoom still sounds excellent — you get a deep bass, clear highs, and great lows. You’ll be able to listen to a wide range of songs from different genres and see just how well the UE MegaBoom is able to handle them.

The UE MegaBoom is super portable as well. It weighs just under 2lbs, so it shouldn’t be a problem lugging it around in a backpack or even carrying it with you. It’s waterproof, so taking it to the beach or poolside and playing some tunes will be risk-free from water damage. Now, it isn’t waterproof to the extent that you could submerge it in a few meters of water and just let it play songs — it’s more so waterproof to keep it protected from accidental spills. It’s not designed as a submersible speaker.

The UE MegaBoom has PartyUp technology, which allows you to connect up to 50 UE speakers to create a true surround sound environment — this is a great feature for large parties in order to be able to cover an entire gym with your favorite DJ tunes. One of the upgrades from the original UE Boom 2 is the battery life — in the UE MegaBoom, instead of 15 hours of battery, you get a whole 20 hours off of a single charge.

A UE MegaBoom will set you back about $150, a small increase from the UE Boom 2, but still worth the cost with the couple improvements.

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UE MegaBlast

The UE MegaBoom is considered a mid-range speaker to the company, so if you want something high end, you have the UE MegaBlast. It’s hard to put into words the sound upgrade from the UE MegaBoom, but there’s a noticeable difference in sound between the two. The MegaBlast will give you intensely rich sound that is super clear, as well as give you some of the most heart-pounding bass you’ve ever experienced.

It does have a noticeable decrease in battery life, but that’s because the UE MegaBlast requires a whole lot more power to blast that rich sound and deep bass. This right here is the creme of the crop when it comes to Bluetooth speakers. And while a 12-hour session is a long time, you can keep it plugged in to always keep it charging.

There are a number of things that are similar to the UE MegaBoom — for example, you can control it hands free with Amazon Alexa (i.e. the Echo Dot), and it’s waterproof and can last under one meter of water for up to thirty minutes.

If you want to pick up the MegaBoom, it’ll set you back about $200. It’s a super good speaker that is totally worth the price, and will upgrade your sound game big time.

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If you have to choose just one, we recommend going with the UE MegaBlast. As far as sound quality goes, it’s without a doubt the better of the two listed. It’s not going to get you a whole lot of battery life — you’ll only get about 12 hours off of a single charge, but that’s a small trade off for the rich sound quality you’re getting with it. If you don’t have the cash to spare for the UE MegaBlast, you can go with the UE MegaBoom. Like we said, there’s some noticeable improvements in the UE MegaBlast, but the UE MegaBoom will get you by just fine if you’re on a shoestring budget. However, it is worth the cash to go with the upgraded model.

UE MegaBoom Vs UE MegaBlast

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