Galaxy A8 touchscreen not responding after device was dropped in water

Many people often think that it is okay to intentionally expose their water resistant phone like the Galaxy A8 to water. In reality, IP68 rating or water resistance protection for these devices are unreliable. This may be the reason why a case included below is happening. Learn more on what to do if you have a similar case.

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Problem: Galaxy A8 touchscreen not responding after device was dropped in water

Galaxy A8 touch screen not responding after dropping in the water for about 5mins.

Solution: The Galaxy A8 has IP68 rating so it has a limited water damage protection. This means that it should work normally fine after you expose it to occasional water or liquid splashes. On paper, it should be able to resist water for up to 1.5m for 30 mins. This particular figures are not absolute and consistent so there’s still a chance that your A8 may be damaged when submerged in water.

However they advertise it, Samsung’s water resistance is not perfect and sometimes misleading. For instance, subjecting a device to high water pressure like when swimming or hosing it down with high pressure jet of water can compromise your phone’s water resistance. This is the reason why it’s not recommended that you intentionally dunk the device in water or swim with it. If you dropped the phone in a pool or ocean by accident, sudden high water pressure may break the phone physically or the water protection of the device.

Another possible reason why you’re having a problem right now may be the fact that the device may already be physically compromised before you dropped it in water. This can happen if you previously opened the device for repair, or if it was physically impacted. Keep in mind that water protection of your Galaxy A8 is not perfect and may not work properly if you dropped the device before. The impact of the phone hitting hard surface may damage the case and cause a break inside. This may be the reason why water may have penetrated inside the phone, and now causing a problem.

Dry the phone properly

Your Galaxy A8’s touchscreen will not work or may become slow or unresponsive when wet. Make sure to wipe the exterior of the phone, particularly the screen, with clean, soft cloth. If your A8’s water resistance protection was working after dropping the phone in water, drying the touchscreen should easily take care of your problem.

Contact Samsung

If the screen has stopped working even after drying the phone, that means that water must have found its way inside and damaged the motherboard or the screen assembly. Electronics and water don’t mix so even a tiny drop of it can seriously damage the motherboard or any hardware component. The best thing that you can do right now is to bring the device to Samsung so a technician can do a thorough hardware check. This is necessary so you’ll know if the phone can be fixed or not.

At the moment, you can try to dry the phone using rice or silica gel desiccant. Wipe the phone dry, place it inside a bag with rice (make it’s covered) or silica gel desiccant, seal the bag, and leave it there for a couple of days. If you’re lucky and there’s no extensive damage to the hardware yet, this home remedy may help.


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