5 Best GIF Editor Makers Apps

GIFs are an excellent way to kill the time. These short format media files can be found all over social media. They are basically a compressed version of videos, and as such, can last anywhere between a few seconds to up to half a minute, depending on the type of GIF you are viewing.

Keeping this in mind, there are tons of GIF apps out there, with each one offering a unique quality of its own. Given the popularity of this format, however, it can be nearly impossible to navigate through the Play Store and find the best app.

We’re going to make your job easier now by listing out some of the best GIF apps available on the Google Play Store today. You might be aware of a few of these apps, so be sure to have a closer look.

5 Best GIF Editor Makers Apps

GIF Maker

As the name suggests, this app helps you make colorful GIFs in a matter of seconds. It has an easy to use interface and a slew of options to help you edit your files. It comes with a camera mode designed to capture GIFs, making it suitable to create your own GIFs rather than choosing from a curated list. It can convert to and from file formats like PNG, JPEG, JPG, MP4, MPEG, FLV, 3GP etc, so there’s no dearth of options available for the users. It is also possible to record the contents of your screen and convert that into a proper screenshot.

Once you have a GIF ready, you can choose how to share it and even the file size. You can choose to cut down the quality of the file if you prioritize file size. Overall, the app helps you create GIFs in just a few steps. You can also choose to edit existing GIF files from your gallery. The app is compatible with devices running Android 4.1. The app is free to download and comes with ads and in-app purchases.

Gif Me!

This is an incredibly exciting GIF app that lets you create and share GIFs on social media. Moreover, you can also add filters onto your GIFs to make them look better. You can even take a stop motion or time lapse GIF, while video mode allows you to create longer GIFs. If you have a video file on your device, you can simply convert it into GIF within a matter of few taps.

This is a lot more than just a GIF app, however. You can edit photos, add filters, have text written on images, and a whole lot more. This makes it a standard photo editor app with GIF creation abilities, giving you the best of both worlds. With over a million installs, the app is quite popular in the marketplace. The app is compatible with devices running Android 4.0 and up, thus covering a broad range of smartphones and tablets out there. The app is free to download and is ad supported. But there are no in-app purchases.

While you can use the app and its features for free, you will have to make do with the app’s watermark. However, you can bypass this by purchasing the paid license of the app.


GIPHY is one of the biggest platform for GIFs and images overall. Given the number of users on the platform, GIPHY is no doubt one of the most popular GIF apps out there. While GIF creation tools are not quite elaborate here, this app is used primarily to discover new content that you might not have found elsewhere. Although it’s not as well packed as GIF creator apps out there, it does come with its own GIF camera on board, allowing you to capture GIFs when you please.

The app also supports animated sticker GIFs for further customization. If there is a particular GIF that you’re looking for and you cannot find it, I can say with certainty that GIPHY is the place to look. Given its status in the society, there’s no doubt that GIPHY is the Editor’s Choice app on the Play Store. It’s a free download and is without ads or in-app purchases. The app will work on devices running Android 4.4 and higher.

GIF Maker – GIF Editor

This is an elaborate GIF editor app that lets you convert a wide range of video and image files into GIFs. Creating a GIF with images can be more fun as it allows you to combine multiple images to make it seem like a video. When you create a GIF through this app, they are automatically saved within the app, so you can easily find them when you need it. You can modify or edit existing GIF files as well, giving you full control over the process.

Social media sharing is one of the crucial features of the app, and you can easily share the app with friends or family with a couple of clicks. The app is free to download, but comes with ads and in-app purchases. The app is compatible with smartphones running Android 4.1 and higher.

DU GIF Maker

This could be the best GIF maker app out there and with good reason. The features are easy to use, allowing you to convert an existing video or multiple images into a GIF file. Including this, the app also allows you to edit existing GIF files as per your convenience. The GIFs you create can be accessed from the app, with the option of sharing it across social media platforms. Since the purpose of GIFs is mostly to create memes, the app also lets you make edits to your GIF (adding text, filters, etc).

The app is completely free to download, but comes with ads. There are no in-app purchases, however. Unlike most free apps, though, this app doesn’t come with an annoying watermark, making it suitable for all users. The app will function on devices running Android 4.3 and above. Be sure to check it out from the Play Store.