5 Best Free Credit Score Apps

Everybody has a credit score. If you’re looking to get a loan from any of the lenders like banks, it’s important to have a good credit score. Keeping this in mind, having a tab on your credit score and making the necessary changes is quite important. There are mobile apps today that help you check your credit score instantly and even make the necessary changes to your finances in order to boost your credit score.

We’re going to discuss five best free credit score apps to help you get on top of your financial life. These are some of the best handpicked apps out there that can help you a great deal with your finances and enhance overall lifestyle. So without waiting any further, let’s have a look at these credit score apps. Bear in mind that all of these apps are free, and may be ad supported, but do not require you to spend money in order to check your credit score.

5 Best Free Credit Score Apps


90% of all banks and lenders go by your FICO score to offer credit. This is why myFICO is a trusted source of credit scores and any other personal financial information. The app lets you check your FICO score on the go, including versions of auto and credit card mortgages. You can also get instant access to your credit information and reports, giving you a great insight of your credit performance over a period of time. Perhaps most importantly, the app gives you a very good idea of how to understand credit lending and offers tips and tricks to improve your credit score to attract lenders.

The app also offers a paid service wherein you get instant alerts of your changing credit scores, thus allowing you to make changes and adjustments immediately. This is perhaps the only app you need to have if you’re tracking FICO scores, and we highly recommend it for the ease of use. myFICO is a free app and has no ads or in-app purchases.


This is an excellent application by Capital One which has helped millions of its users track their credit scores. With this app, users get access to weekly TransUnion VantageScore 3.0 credit scores, which can help you keep an eye on the changes in your scores over the past 7 days. The app also has a credit simulator feature which lets you know how your credit score gets affected when you make a financial decision. You will also get an excellent idea of your current credit score and how a particular decision will affect your overall score.

There is an excellent feature here that informs you when your information was compromised or was found on the dark web. This is only possible when you share your social security number, however. These alerts will also inform you of any changes made to your TransUnion or Experian scores. If you’re a Capital One user and you have signed up with CreditTracker, you can use the same username and password with this app. CreditWise is a free download on the Google Play Store and lacks ads or in-app purchases. This app is compatible with smartphones running Android 4.4 and above.


Experian is one of the few major firms that provides credit reports to its customers. The app comes with an extensive feature list, allowing you to get the Experian credit score on your fingertips. It will also provide details on your FICO score, making it a well covered app overall. The FICO score on the app will be automatically updated every 30 days helping you remain on top of any credit deficiencies. An interactive credit summary wheel allows you to spin the wheel to learn about the five key elements that make your credit score.

The app will also provide detailed info on your credit score and suggest credit cards suited for your credit rating, thus avoiding the hassle of having to ask the banks manually. This app offers a detailed credit report and FICO score at no cost, with no credit card information required. The app is a free download on the Play Store and has no ads or in-app purchases. This app is compatible with devices running Android 4.2 and up.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma is unlike any of the apps we’ve talked about here, and that’s because it can do a lot more than just read your credit report. It can also help you file taxes and help you file W-2 forms which can help with your tax import. You can also file federal and state returns using this app at no extra cost. Given the amount of data breaches we’re seeing around us, the app will notify you when your personal information has been leaked by some malware attack on another company.

You will be notified about changes to your reports and you can even challenge them right from the app. Taking these factors into account, Credit Karma is a lot more than just a credit score app. It’s a one stop destination for all your tax needs. This is a free download on the Google Play Store and comes with ads. There are no in-app purchases, however.

Credit Sesame

This app allows you to check your credit score, improve them, and even monitor their changes on a regular basis. You will get access to graphs that will give you an excellent idea of your credit information and changes made overtime. It will also check out your borrowing power and recommend the best credit cards for your credit rating. The app also offers a $50,000 insurance against identity theft, thus covering you from the worst situations.

You can also strategize your credit using Credit Sesame. Depending on your credit rating, the app will tell you about the actions you can take to improve or maintain your credit up to a certain degree. This is a free download on the Google Play Store and comes with ads and in-app purchases. Be sure to check it out.