Solutions to Samsung Galaxy Note 5 text messaging problems after Android 6 Marshmallow update

The #Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (#GalaxyNote5) is among the few devices that recently received Android 6 #Marshmallow update. While we always expect that firmware updates are supposed to bring fixes and patches to known bugs, new problems may also come with them and that’s exactly the case here. Try to go through this list to see if your concern is among the issues I addressed in this article…

  1. Group texts are duplicated on the Note 5
  2. Note 5 having issues sending picture message
  3. Prevent a certain number from sending messages
  4. Group messages split up in Hangouts, can’t send MMS
  5. Delay in Note 5 email and text messages
  6. Schedule text messages on the Note 5
  7. Error message pops up when sending picture message
  8. Note 5 stock messaging app sends and opens messages but slow


If you have other issues, visit our Note 5 troubleshooting page, find issues that are similar to yours and use the solutions we suggested. If they don’t work for you, feel free to contact us directly by completing this form. Make sure to provide all necessary details so we can help you better.

Group texts are duplicated on the Note 5

Problem: If I am included in a group text, my text duplicate. I send a text to the other two included in the text and then 1 second later, i will also receive my exact text as a response back like it came from someone else.

I also have a completely separate text with someone if I send a picture to them. in a normal back and forth text, if i send a picture then I can only view it in a completely separate text with that same person as a separate entry.

Solution: Duplicate texts problem is often a carrier or provider issue. In your case, however, there’s a chance you included your own number in the recipients field that’s why you’re receiving you’re receiving your own messages. If it’s not the case, then call your service provider and ask for assistance.

Note 5 having issues sending picture message

Problem: I am having issues with sending pic msg. I can receive them fine. That is the only type of MMS I can not send. I can send long text that converts to MMS. I can receive group MMS. I can also receive pic messages, even though they may take a moment to come through. I have verified my APN and have all of that set accordingly (which is what my carrier online support, T-Mobile told me to do). Are there any other suggestions on what else the problem could be? My carrier confirmed my data to be unlimited and I rarely use 1GB out of the 15GB of my plan a month, so my data should not be an issue.

Troubleshooting: What exactly is the issue? You can’t send at all? Can send but takes forever to do so? Errors pop up when trying to send picture messages? Or what?

If APN settings are good, account is in good standing, data cap isn’t reached, then the only thing I can think of is the size of the picture you’re trying to send. Try sending a picture less than 1MB in size. If it goes through, then my suspicion is correct, otherwise, you need to call your provider again and ask for further assistance especially if you were able to send MMS without issues before.

Prevent a certain number from sending messages

Problem: I want to have a certain Person to STOP TEXTING ME!  I have Deleted her # on my contacts But am still receiving text from her!  I have gone to Verizon and they tell me I can’t! HELP!

Answer: It may sound absurd but to make that certain person to stop texting you is to ask her to stop texting you. Yes, you can block her number from calling or add it to your phone’s spam list but remember that she knows your number; she can call or text you from another phone if she wants. Here’s how to add her number to your spam list:

  1. Open Messages.
  2. Tap Menu and then Settings.
  3. Enable Spam filter.
  4. Tap the option Add to spam numbers.
  5. Tap the plus (+) sign.
  6. Enter the phone number you want to block.
  7. Tap OK to save.

Group messages split up in Hangouts, can’t send MMS

Problems: I use Hangouts as my primary SMS MMS app. However, I am having a couple of problems. First, I have the merge mms setting checked but in a group message of 3 people 2 make it in the same message but the 3rd keeps getting split off into their own conversation. Also, hangouts won’t let me send pictures with mms. For that I have to switch to Samsung’s messaging service. To me it seems like they are interfering with each other. I have set my default app as hangouts. Any ideas? Thank you.

Troubleshooting: As to the MMS message getting split, perhaps the issue isn’t with your phone but with the recipient and there’s nothing we can do about it.

As to the issue in sending MMS via Hangouts, try to see if there’s an available update for the app. There were actually a lot of reports from owners who encountered the issue as yours. If update isn’t available, try changing the MMS Port under Access Point Name in Settings to “80.” If the issue still persists after that, it’s time you contacted Google and ask for assistance.

Delay in Note 5 email and text messages

One of our readers shared the solution he discovered for his own problems. According to him, his emails and text messages were always delayed. This is how he fixed it:

Solution: The Internet firewall at work and school was giving me Internet access,  but blocking sms  and some applications. Turning off WiFi to use my carrier Internet fixed my issue.  My sms apps were detecting Internet, but not able to function.

Schedule text messages on the Note 5

Problem: Basically this is a question pertaining to texting. On my Samsung Galaxy S5 that I previously was using, I was able to set up delayed texting by 5 seconds, & I have been unable to set up delayed texting with my Samsung Note 5. Is that because it’s simply not an option with such device or is it due to my stupidity? Thanks for your time and consideration with this. For I no longer partake with Facebook.

Answer: You can still schedule text messages to be sent at a later time on your Note 5. Just open the Messages app, tap the Ellipsis button, and select Schedule message. You can then set the date and time you want your message to be sent. Tap Done if you’re finished. That’s it.

Error message pops up when sending picture message

Problem: When I try sending mms it won’t send a picture and I keep getting the error message every minute it will pop up and then the picture still won’t send and after 5 minutes it will say fail.

Solution: Enable mobile data and the problem will be fixed. After that, if the problem persists, call your provider and ask for the correct APN settings for your phone. That’s pretty much it! When it comes to MMS, mobile data is necessary.

Note 5 stock messaging app sends and opens messages but slow

Problem: I have had this issue with every Samsung phone I have owned. The original texting app, always moves slow for me. Trying to text someone, the message can take minutes to send or open a message. But on Verizon they have a messaging app I use and it works fine. 

Answer: Well, as you said the issue also existed with your previous Samsung phones, so I don’t think there’s a solution for that. But then again, there are always messaging apps that work better than stock ones, so everything depends on your preference.

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