SGN’s MasterKey is the Key to Developing Cross-Platform Apps


The irony with humans as well as smartphones is that rather than following one universal language, people have adapted themselves to hundreds of different languages. It’s difficult for a Korean guy to understand what the American is saying, and it’s difficult for the American to interpret what the Korean is saying (Unless, of course, it’s ‘Gangnam style’).

The same issue occurs with smartphones. Apple’s devices won’t understand the packaged APK files and Android devices won’t interpret the native Objective C coded apps. Hence, you need different codes for different platforms. However, that’s not what makes developing cross-platform apps challenging. Developers not only need to develop codes which would work on their respective platforms, but also need a channel through which they can communicate, despite being on two different platforms.

To untie this Gordian knot, SGN has launched MasterKey- a proprietary technology that speeds up the development of cross-platform apps. SGN, who is a leader in development of cross platform apps, has released the development platform in an effort to reduce the time, effort and the cost of developing cross-platform apps. Using SGN’s MasterKey tool, it would be easier for developers to publish their tools across multiple platforms like- Facebook, iOS, and Android.

“Consumers want to be able to play our games on every device and platform, so it’s a top priority for SGN to execute a cross-platform strategy effectively,” said Chris DeWolfe, CEO and co-founder of SGN.  “MasterKey enables us to do so efficiently while creating multiple revenue streams for each game we develop.” Chris DeWolfe told the media that it took them more than 18 months to create such an amazing cross-development platform.

SGN has already been using this technology internally to develop some of its immensely popular games like Fluff Friends RescueJewels of the AmazonBingo BlingoSkies of GloryMindJoltand Panda Jam. SGN games have been downloaded more than 200 million times on leading mobile and social media platforms, making it one of the largest cross-platform gaming companies in the world. The success of these apps and the constant need for an effective cross-platform technology has pressed SGN to launch MasterKey. Currently used only for internal developments, SGN is expected to make this tool available to third party developed apps published through its network.

With MasterKey, developers would now be able to develop games using industry level standards, and deploy them on multiple platforms. Unlike the traditional approach which required complete re-coding of apps, the avant-garde platform is expected to reduce the conversion time of apps by up to 80 %. Hence, in only 20% effort, you can develop an app which works on iOS, Android, and Facebook as well. The tool also offers numerous distribution platforms to market your apps. Hence, you can develop, re-code, optimize, and market your apps at the same place. No wonder why they call it- ‘Master Key’.

DeWolfe said that they had considered using HTML5 for developing cross-platform apps, but concluded that it wasn’t ready for games yet. (Facebook also shunned down HTML 5 and re-coded the Android app in native language to provide better performance) Instead, MasterKey uses a technology which allows developers to create games that run as if they have been developed using the platform’s native code.

The main advantage of playing cross-platform games is that you can start off on any device, at the same point you left on the other device. For instance, you can play the game on PC, turn it off, and continue playing the game from the same place by switching to your iOS device. It’s pragmatic for the developers, too, as cross-platform apps make 70 percent more money than non –cross-platform apps.

“The benefit is you can make money in four places instead of one or two,” Chris DeWolfe said. “If you draw a parallel to movies, you take it for granted that you don’t have to make a different movie for theatrical release, DVD, or Netflix.

We think this is an amazing development in the cross-platform development frontier. Developers would now be able to develop top-notch apps with lesser efforts and at the same time, would be able to reach wider platforms.

Source: Official SGN Blog

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