Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus slow or not charging at all, fix more fast & wireless charging issues [w/ Basic Troubleshooting Guide]

It’s time to tackle some major charging issues with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (#Samsung #GalaxyS6EdgePlus). So, in this post, I will address slow charging, not charging, fast-charge feature not working, wireless charging gets disconnected and other related issues. Before anything else though, here’s a message from our reader who wants to say thanks after fixing his problem with a very simple procedure — Force Reboot.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Wireless Charging

My phone (Galaxy S6 Edge+) just went dead, fully charged. I found your web page and followed your instructions on reboot and my phone rebooted. Thank you so much for putting this page up, it saved me from having a melt down with a brand new phone.

It actually shows the power of the Forced Reboot procedure, which performs the simulated battery disconnect with the new Galaxy devices. It is equivalent to “battery pull” in devices with removable batteries.

Basic Troubleshooting for Charging Issues

If your phone won’t charge or has other charging issues, don’t panic as they’re often minor problems that can be fixed by this basic troubleshooting procedure. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Reboot your phone – if your device is still on, then rebooting it is the first thing you need to do. There are times when some services crash without you knowing it and a reboot may restart them.

Step 2: Forced reboot – you do this if: your phone is on but unresponsive, the screen is off but the notification light is lit or blinking, the device seems off but you can hear it ringing, it won’t respond when you press the power key, it turned off without apparent reason. Just press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons for 10 to 15 seconds.

Step 3: Use a different USB cable – after doing the first two procedures and the phone still won’t charge, try using a different USB cable to see if that makes a difference. If the original one has some kind of breakage, using another will fix the problem.

Step 4: Use a different power adapter – after using a different cable and the problem remained, try using a different charger. The one you were using may have been damaged or something.

Step 5: Connect your phone to a computer – try connecting your phone to a laptop or computer. This will give you an idea if the phone reacts if it detects electric current flowing through the cable down to its charging chip. You will also know if the device is detected by the machine because if not, the problem might be in the USB or utility port. At this point, it’s time you sought assistance from a technician.

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Continue reading to learn more about other charging issues with the S6 Edge+. Here’s the list of the topics I included in this post…

  1. One month old S6 Edge+ won’t turn on anymore
  2. S6 Edge+ is off but fully-charged in the morning after overnight charging
  3. S6 Edge+ continues to drain battery while charging if in use
  4. S6 Edge+ fast charging doesn’t work sometimes
  5. S6 Edge+ fast charging feature no longer works

If you have other concerns, you may fill up this questionnaire and hit submit to contact us. Make sure you include all necessary information about the problem you’re experiencing. You may also visit our troubleshooting page to find out other similar issues. You can use the solutions we previously provided.

One month old S6 Edge+ won’t turn on anymore

Problem: Hi, I just got this phone one month ago and it wont turn on anymore. I went to the T-Mobile shop and they said they could see what was wrong with the phone. I don’t know what to do.

Troubleshooting: I understand how frustrating it would be to have a brand new, expensive phone that just wouldn’t power up without apparent reason one day. You actually have two options; you can contact your provider right away or you can perform some troubleshooting just to see if you can bring it back to life without help from others. If you prefer the latter, then here are some thing you need to do…

Step 1: Charge the phone – this is the first thing you need to do because there’s always that possibility wherein the battery just got depleted totally and there’s not enough power even just to make the screen flicker for a second. Leave the phone plugged in for, at least, ten minutes.

Step 2: Do the Force Reboot procedure – after charging the phone, try turning it on normally and if still wouldn’t respond, then force restart it. Press and hold the Volume Down and Power keys together for 10 to 15 seconds. Most of the time, this procedure is very effective.

Step 3: Try booting the phone in different modes – assuming the forced reboot procedure didn’t work, try booting the phone in safe mode and recovery mode. The purpose is for you to know if it still capable of powering itself up.

Step 4: Send it in for repair – if all these procedures failed, then it’s clear not that it’s not just any minor power issue. This time, you need help from a technician.

S6 Edge+ is off but fully-charged in the morning after overnight charging

Problem: At night before I go to bed my phone will be on and at less than 30% charge. I put the phone on wireless the charger each night. Randomly, when I wake up in the morning, the phone will be off and 100% charged. As I use my phone as my alarm clock, this is a serious problem which has caused me to be late for work more than once. Please help!

Answer: If you were asking what’s happening with your phone after leaving it on a wireless charging pad overnight, well, we don’t know and we could only assume things. Assumptions aren’t always accurate.

  • Perhaps the phone drained it’s battery and turned off before it started charging.
  • It may have been set to turn off automatically.
  • There might have been a problem during the charging process that caused it to turn off.

The list goes on and on. Unless you spend some time observing your phone and what happens to it when you leave it over the wireless pad, you will never know what happens and why it turns itself off.

S6 Edge+ continues to drain battery while charging if in use

Problem: I plug my phone in with the wire it came with, and unlike any phone ever it continues to depleted in battery if I continue to do any activity – such as right now it dropped from 10% to 9% while sending this in. Is it a faulty known issue for Edge S6+ or is it fixable? I’m bewildered here.

Answer: More often, if the phone drains its battery while charging instead of replenishing it, then there are several apps and/or services that suck up the juice. In your case, the draining continues if the device is in use, it means it uses more battery if the screen is on. That said, is the screen brightness set to the maximum level?

You said you were using the “wire” that came with the device, does it mean you were using the original charger as well…or just the cable? Third-party power adapters may say in their labels that they give out 2 Amperes of current but most of them don’t. Samsung chargers, on the other hand, especially ones that came with main units are faithful to what their labels say. Samsung flagships need 2Amps power to charge their batteries at a normal pace. Anything lower than that may result in slow to not charging issues.

Workaround: It may sound absurd to say this but if you want your phone to continue charging, don’t use it while it’s charging. Better yet, boot in safe mode or turn it off while it’s plugged in. I don’t think there’s something wrong with the phone but if you suspect there is, then let a technician check it up for you.

S6 Edge+ fast charging doesn’t work sometimes

Problem: Battery life is so short. Fast charging does not automatically work when I plug it in a wall socket.

Related problem: The fast charging work sometime but 8 out of 10 is cable or slow charging.

Answer: Unlike other feature, fast charging depends on both the phone and the charger and there’s no On/Off switch that you can toggle to make it work all the time. I understand this feature is really helpful especially when you’re in a hurry but you don’t have control over it.

What you can do is make sure the device doesn’t heat up while charging, as it automatically disables fast charging, and don’t turn the screen on while the phone is replenishing its battery as it does the same thing. Better yet, turn off the phone completely to make the feature work.

S6 Edge+ fast charging feature no longer works

Problem: Fast charge no longer works, although I continue to use faster charger that came with the device when purchased. Any fix?

Answer: I don’t think there’s something wrong with your device. Just make sure it doesn’t heat up while charging and that the screen is off. The fast charging feature doesn’t have a toggle switch to turn it on or off so we really can’t say it’s disabled or something.

If the device heats up while charging, boot it up in safe mode to temporarily disable all third-party apps or turn it off.

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