How to Hide Photos on Android

Privacy is a main concern for almost every citizen. While there are safeguards against practically every privacy breach out there, some require a more direct approach to privacy. We all have some form of device locks on our smartphones to avoid exposing sensitive data to the people around us. However, once they’re through the main pattern lock or PIN, it’s not too difficult to access your data, primarily photos. So how does one avoid this? Well, use one of the several photo hiding apps out there.

Given the nature of these apps, there’s no doubt that everyone wants some form of it on their devices. This has encouraged hundreds of developers to come up with an app to provide a safety net for your photos and videos from prying eyes. We’re going to discuss five such apps today in an attempt to help you get the best in terms of safety as well as security.

How to Hide Photos on Android

Gallery Vault

This is a fantastic app that helps you hide all the sensitive photos on your device under one roof. Since there’s no icon visible, nobody but you can access the gallery app and all the photos within it. Think of this as a replacement to your stock gallery app, with the user interface designed for smooth scrolling of your photos and videos. Images can also be encrypted to keep it safe from malicious attacks. Further, the user can choose to move their encrypted photos onto the SD card so that none of the sensitive data is stored on the device.

The app also comes with an integrated private web browser which allows you to download all your encrypted images in one go. One feature that I particularly like is the ability to close the app by shaking your phone. If someone tries to break into your phone, the app will automatically alert users of the attempted break-in, which is yet another handy feature to have. This app is free to download, but comes with ads and in-app purchases.

Hide It Pro

This app has been around for quite some time now, with the ability to hide your photos and videos without much fuss. The app will be disguised as audio manager on your device, keeping it away from prying eyes. Simply opening the app will launch an interface that lets you control the volume. Only when you long press the icon will Hide It Pro show itself. This is an excellent security feature ensuring that it stays away from the most curious friends and family around you. Other photo hiding apps seek the refuge of other features, like the calculator for example.

The app also lets you secure the folder with your fingerprint, while options like PIN, pattern, or password are also available here. So there’s really no dearth of ways to hide your photos and videos using this app. With an average rating of about 4.6 across 20 million users, Hide It Pro is a massively popular application and well worth checking out. It’s a free download on the Play Store and includes ads and in-app purchases.

Keepsafe Photo Vault

This is a more robust and well designed photo hiding app, giving you the ability to use military grade encryption to keep your photos and videos safe. You can use standard passcode, a pattern lock or even your fingerprint to keep your media safe from intrusion. You can also choose to backup photos and videos online, to recover them in the event of theft or loss of device. You can also move all your photos and videos from the gallery to the photo vault to keep them secure.

Further, the app can automatically lock itself when you face the phone downwards. This is similar to the gesture features that other apps provide. Users also get access to a private cloud account where you can save up to 5,000 photos at a time. While the app is completely free to download, customers will be required to pay for services like cloud storage and the removal of ads. However, you will not be required to pay for simply hiding your photos on the device. This app is compatible with any smartphone and tablet running Android 4.4 and higher.

Private Photo

This app hides itself as a calculator app to avoid suspicion among curious onlookers. It supports locking your photos and videos using a passcode (to be entered on the calculator interface) or by using your fingerprint (if the device supports it). The app also supports fake passwords, which is employed to show users some non-sensitive information during extreme circumstances, although we hope you never have to use it.

The app also comes with a private browser by default which keeps you within the app even if you want to load webpages. It is important to note that users have to unhide all their photos and videos before unhiding the app to avoid losing all photos and videos. This is a free app on the Play Store but comes packed with ads and in-app purchases.


This is a comprehensive hiding app that can keep your photos, messages, call logs, and even contacts safe from prying eyes. The app also supports cloud backup, so you can recover all your lost data in the event of theft or loss of device. If you have the tendency to forget passwords (like I do), use the email security feature to get your password retrieved in no time. Much like the app we spoke about above, Vault-Hide also comes with a private browser on board.

The app also uses an elaborate stealth mode feature, allowing you to launch the app by typing in your password on the stock dialer app. Additionally, users can download the NQ calculator app from the Play Store to use it with Vault-Hide in tandem. It’s free to download and comes with ads and in-app purchases. With 50 million installs, it’s one of the most popular vault apps on the Play Store.