How To Fix Samsung Galaxxy S9 App Crashes After Update

The #Samsung #Galaxy #S9 is a flagship phone released this year that has a solid design as well as excellent features. This phone sports a large 5.8 inch Super AMOLED display which is great for viewing various multimedia content. It also uses the powerful Snapdragon 845 processor which when combined with 4GB of RAM allows the phone to run multiple apps smoothly. Although this is a solid performing phone there are instances when certain issues can occur which we will be addressing today. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy S9 app crashes after update issue.

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How To Fix Samsung Galaxxy S9 App Crashes After Update

Problem: Hi all, This might be a long shot but i am desperate to get a game back that i spent so much time playing. I have been playing with Disney Magic Kingdoms for a while. I tried to open the game but i didn’t realise it was due an update and i was in a shopping centre with weak wifi. The update started automatically but obviously stopped due to poor connection. Thought okay, i’ll go to work and do it there where the wifi is good. But when i tried to open it it crashed immediately and does every time i try to open it. I tried so many things i don’t know if you can suggest anything else. I cleared cache, i uninstalled loads of apps i do not use, tried a soft reset (though i’m not sure i did it right or what the screen was supposed to show). I would have removed the battery but i can’t do that on a galaxy S9. I am a bit reluctant to uninstall it as i’m not sure if my progress is backed up and since i cant open the game i don’t even know how to check that. Did i break something while it tried to upgrade?Please help i don’t want to lose it!

Solution: The problem is most likely  caused by the app getting corrupted due to an interrupted update.  The best thing to do right now is to uninstall the app from your phone then install a fresh version from the Google Play Store. If you are concerned about the status of your saved game then you don’t have to worry about this as your progress is usually saved in the cloud.

  • From the home screen, tap Apps
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Application Manager (note: depending on your operating system, you may need to tap Applications first, then Application Manager)
  • Choose the app you’d like to uninstall
  • Tap Uninstall

Once the game has been uninstalled open the Google Play Store then download it again to your phone. Make sure that you do this over a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection.

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