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  1. I’ve only had my S7 for a few days and I can’t add any other email accounts. I’ve tried my Apple email and my hotmail it keeps saying authentication failed

  2. Sara below is correct. You need to set up Two-Step Verification. Essentially, Apple will generate a unique specific password for the non-Apple Samsung Email app, which you enter into your Android phone password field, instead of the iCloud password.

    Here’s the page – click on Set Up Two Step Verification: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204152
    Wish they had emailed to give us notice and how to fix this. It’s a bit like Apple coming round your house because you changed the front door and putting their own padlock on it without telling you! Grrr.

  3. Same for me – Mac email on the S7 Edge Email app stopped on 16th June and wouldn’t accept the password,. I’ve tried resetting the password for the iCloud account, deleting all the Email app data and cache, Manually setting it up – nothing works!

    This is why I swapped from having every iPhone since the original in 2008. Apple do not look after their customers any more. What can I do?

  4. Addendum to above comment: I am using the 2-step verification/authentication process and properly generated the password for this device (I had to do it for other devices so already familiar with the new Apple policy/process). It’s still telling me it’s not able to verify.

  5. I am setting up a brand new Samsung S7 Active (so it’s not a malware issue) and it will not validate my icloud email account. I’ve confirmed all data fields are accurately entered. Continues to tell me it can’t verify my account and to re-enter my login and password. I did not have this issue with my Samsung S6 Active.

  6. I’ve been having the exact exact same problem for about 2 weeks now. I kept getting authentication error so after my iCloud was locked out due to repeated attempts I deleted the email from the phone and when I went to reinstall it I’m now getting a username/password error or POP3/IMAP issue. I’ve contacted Apple twice and they’ve assured me they would fix this and call me back after submitting the issue to their engineer. No call back.

  7. struggling with the same for over a week now. tried to set-up two-step verification thingy, this is what i received from apple
    For security reasons, you must wait until 30 June 2017 at 21:18:09 GMT before you can begin using two-step verification. You can sign in to the Apple ID account page after this date and time to complete the set up process. For more information, please read the FAQ.

  8. yup, same problem. Such a pain in the neck. Might just get rid of that email address altogether. Apple sure tries to make it hard on people who don’t want to use their phones.

  9. Hi all,
    I just fixed the problem after emailing Apple support. There is a new Apple update that requires a two-factor authentication for newer operating systems (and a two-step authentication for the older systems.) Don’t confuse the two.

    Find the appropriate page to enter your two factor authentication (google this). Just call or email Apple support for immediate help.
    Or, you will need to go to your icloud apple ID management page (under Security, I think) and follow the choices to confirm what you have.

    To enable your android phone to receive your macmail, you will receive a 6-number code sent to your cell phone that you then type into your computer in the spaces provided on that page. Once you do this, you will receive an APP-SPECIFIC password, which you will need whenever there’s a problem setting up your email on your cell phone. I think you can keep your original password, but you add the generated password. That’s the two-factor authentication required.

    When you put in your APP SPECIFIC PASSWORD, you will see your email return to your cell phone!!!

    When in doubt, email Apple support. They called me in 2 minutes, and the problem was solved after 5 days of struggle.


  10. Same problem on my Galaxy s7 Edge with authentication error. Can’t receive my mac.mail any more.

  11. I am have the same problem with iCloud email on my Samsung Galaxy 7. Started 6/16/17, stopped synching…typically says invalid user name or password.
    Fortunately, I can get my emails on my various Mac devices but I like to have access on the go too.

  12. HI
    Got the S7 / Icloud email problem fixed…

    Go to your apple id and turn on 2 factor security then generate an APP SPECIFIC PASSWORD !

    Apple will then show you a password in lower case letters including hyphens (-) to enter into the password box in the email setup under your email address, will look like this erbg-oisd-ppre-ppdc for instance. SEE LINK https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204397

  13. I have this problem too!!!!

    Very annoying as above nothing works android wise but good on PC and Ipad…

    Really need help NOW!

  14. Exactly the same issue with me about the same time. I am really frustrated with apple. Works fine on mac, and ipad but not on my S7. It just suddenly stopped which was made all the more annoying as I was away on business and did not have my macbook with me. This seems like a rather blatant case of apple trying to force anyone with an apple id to buy an iphone.
    I have tried absolutely everything from third party email apps, to apple id settings, 2 step authentication on/off, nothing works at all.
    Be really grateful if anyone manages to find a solution. I have been using this apple id for 15 years and it will be a real pain to switch all my contacts to another email address.

  15. Hi
    Yes Im also having issues with my icloud emails stopped working on my Samsung S7.
    All apple products I have, and are using are ok for icloud mail and no issues with this.

  16. Since 16th June I have also been having the same authentication error message issue when trying to sync my iCloud.com email account with my Samsung Galaxy 7. Very annoying and nothing I have tried has resolved it. Be good if you could email me any new found solutions.

  17. I first started seeing this problem on Friday June 16 around 7pm. Before that it was syncing perfectly. It keeps failing on the authentication of both the incoming IMAP and the outgoing SMTP. I think this has to do with the changes that Apple made to enforce users to setup the 2 factor authentication for all their AppleIDs and hence you must setup the App Specific password. I have not found any way around this yet.

  18. I started having the same problem today. I can’t get my Apple email on my s7 android phone. I am getting them on my iPad. I keep trying to sign in but it won’t authenticate.

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