5 Best Deer Hunting Apps For Android In 2019

Ahhh. It’s that time of year again… A little chill in the air, leaves carpeting the forest floor, the twang of a bow string or smell of gunpowder as a deer ahead of you looks startled – runs a few yards then drops! As with everything else there are tools to increase your chance of success at bagging a deer this season. We’re going to look at the top 5 apps to give you a better chance at stocking your freezer with venison for the year!

Hunting Calls Ultimate Of White Tail Hunting Calls

In fifth place you’re going to want to take a look at “Hunting Calls Ultimate of White Tail Hunting Calls.” Nothing brings in the deer quite like a realistic call at the right time. Just remember that with this as most electronic calls; there will be some white noise coming through. The idea of this app is not to use in the field; rather to learn what each call does and have something to perfect with your own deer calls!

Download it now: Google Play


Next we have “HuntWise.” This app allows you to follow other hunters from around the country; view photos of their success, get gear recommendations and more! One of the best parts of this app is the ability to easily view the best time to hunt in your area based on weather, wind speed & direction and more! Grab your copy today on the Play Store!

Download it now: Google Play


In third place we have “DeerCast.” While this app does look at the weather and some of the better times to hunt, where it really shines is in the wealth of videos giving advice from experienced hunters! You will find advice on everything from tactics to the habits of your prey, physical fitness to make the task easier, even different ways to cook the game you take home!

It’s never too soon to try this one out and start learning skills that you can apply to your hunt! Try it out for yourself!

Download it now: Google Play

On X Hunt

You are also going to want to check out “On X Hunt.” Have you ever found the perfect piece of hunting property that you want to lease hunting rights on only to not be able to figure out who owns it? Worry no more! One area that on x shines is that while you zoom around on the built in map it automatically shows the name of the property owners. Tap on that section of property and it shows you the address the tax bill is sent to! Now you can easily track down those owners to work out a deal. Another area that On X rises above most is the built in tracker… you can turn it on and move around your hunting area, it automatically maps the route you take. You can look over that map later on to find better routes or remember where you want to set that new blind near a trail! Don’t wait, grab On X Hunt from the Play Store today!

Download it now: Google Play


We saved the best for last! “HuntStand” is our number one choice for best hunting app! Mapping in HuntZone is far superior to any of the other apps mentioned. Here you can easily outline your hunting areas, mark hazards, mark blind or stand locations, tag harvest spots and even upload a picture of the harvest from that spot. You can easily access a weather report calculated to the likelihood of game movement. View your “HuntZone” and see what areas to avoid if you don’t want your scent to be blown to that herd of deer that’s grazing in the middle of your hunting property every night. View parcel information (10 inquiries a month are free, unlimited yearly for a low cost.) Connect with friends that share your hunting area! You can even mark an area you are sitting and those on your friends list can see your location easily so you’re not stumbling over each other or shooting in an unsafe direction!

You can even set up a group board so everyone can communicate through the app easily. Build a list of tasks to make your property better and share it with your hunting buddies and see which ones they have marked as completed! While you’re at it, don’t forget to print a high-resolution map complete with all your outlines and markers of your hunting area to hang on the wall at the hunting cabin! You can also view more hunting property for sale easily through this app and sort it by price or size. There is so much more you can do with HuntStand; you are really missing out if you don’t download it from the Play Store today!

Download it now: Google Play


When it comes right down to it, any and all of these apps can help raise your odds of having a successful hunting season… don’t miss out on your chance at a full freezer this year by not using every tool available to you!