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5 Best Car Holder Mounts For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If you do a lot of commuting or traveling, having a car holder mount is almost a requirement for having any sort of phone. However, you might need a stronger, higher quality mount that is able to hold up something as large and heavy as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Not only that, but you might want something that will charge your smartphone while it’s being held in the mount. One thing’s for sure: there are endless amounts of options out there.

Best Car Holder Mount

If you follow along with us below, we’ll show you the top 5 best car holder mounts for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Alpatronix MX102

The first item on the list you might want to consider is the Alpatronix MX102. This car holder mount hooks up into your car’s car charging port (or cigarette lighter), and has a long arm so you can keep your phone in your vision while driving. This car charging port makes it possible to charge your phone while it’s being held in the mount. In fact, the Alpatronix is able to charge other phones through USB cables as well — you have three total USB ports, including a USB-C port for newer style phones. This item also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t like it, return it and get your money back.

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iOttie Mount

Next up, we have the iOttie Mount. This car holder mount doubles as a dashboard mount or a windshield mount: it’s all up to your preference. It comes with a dashboard disc that sticks onto your dash permanently. On the mount itself is a suction cup, simply stick it to the dashboard disc to make it a dashboard mount. And, if you ever want to switch over to a windshield mount, just firmly place the suction cup onto the windshield. The only thing it’s not so great at is sticking to leather dashboards.

It even has a telescopic arm that can extend up to 8-inches so you can put your phone in a comfortable position. It can rotate 360-degrees as well.

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Mpow Dashboard Mount

Next, we have the Mpow Dashboard Mount. This uses a suction cup that’s able to firmly attach to your dashboard. If you get tired of using it on your dashboard, wash it with warm water, let it air dry, and then you can stick it to the windshield with the same strength. It also comes with an air vent mount if you prefer mounting your car holder in that fashion. 360-degree rotation and adjustable height means you can position the mount in the way you want.

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Macally Windshield Phone Mount

This car holder mount is purely a windshield mount. It firmly attaches your windshield through the use of a suction cup. Similar to the other mounts in this list, it also has 360-degree rotation, so you don’t have to get your mount in the exact right spot. It has a long arm, so it should be super easy to make it comfortable for you. It has a sweet lock mechanism, so your phone should never fall out, even on rough terrain. It’ll be able to handle even the heaviest and largest phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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Scosche MAGWSM2

Last up on our list is the MAGWSM2 by Scosche. This is a neat car mount because it has a cradle-free design. The way you attach your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to it is by sticking the included Magic Plate to the back of it (could be on your phone, on your phone case, etc). You then simply touch the car holder mount, and it holds your Galaxy Note 8 to the mount through magnets. They’re quite strong magnets, so you don’t have to worry about losing your phone down a bumpy road or anything like that. It’s completely safe for mobile devices — you don’t have to worry about the magnets hurting your Galaxy Note 8.

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So, which car mount holder should you get for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8? If you’re looking for something low profile that doesn’t stick out too much, we recommend the Scosche MAGWSM2. It’ll keep your device firmly secured through the use of magnets, and keeps things out of the way as well.

If you don’t like that, you can’t go wrong with the Alpatronix MX102. It has a cradle, so it’ll secure your phone in that manner; however, you can actually charge your device without any extra accessories (except for a cord, of course) while using the mount.

Best Car Holder Mount

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