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5 Best Bluetooth Adapter For Stereo In 2018

We all know that Bluetooth has become fairly popular. Nowadays it isn’t strange to see someone seemingly talking into thin air: “oh, they’re just talking over Bluetooth,” we say to ourselves. And it’s true, they are! It’s a miraculous technology, but as neat as it is, Bluetooth isn’t outfitted on all of our electronics, especially when you look at some of old electronics you’ve had for years, such as that pair of old stereo speakers. Should we just throw them out and replace them with a pair that has Bluetooth built-in? By no means! Today, you can purchase Bluetooth receivers that will outfit all of your favorite electronics with this wireless technology.

Bluetooth Adapter For Stereo

Keep in mind that you have to be careful what you buy, though. A lot of what is out there is just junk, but if you follow our list, you can be rest assured that what you’re getting is something high quality that will work and last you a long time.

1Mii Long Range Bluetooth Receiver Transmitter

First up on our list is an impressive piece of technology: the 1Mii Long Range Bluetooth Receiver Transmitter. This device from 1Mii is able to easily connect up to your stereo speakers, whether that be at home, the car, or somewhere else, and allow you to stream all of your favorite tunes to them. The one unique thing this adapter offers is the long range capabilities — you can move up to 110 feet away from this receiver and still stream without any wireless interference.

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1Mii HiFi Wireless Audio Adapter

Next up, we have the 1Mii HiFi Wireless Audio Adapter. This connects up well with your stereo speakers at home, but with HiFi technology, it’s able to offer excellent sound reproduction across the board. It works with Bluetooth 4.2 technology, and even supports 3D Surround Sound aptX. It has support for AUX, RCA, Digital Optical, and even NFC. When this is hooked up to your stereo setup, you’ll get nothing but great sound out of it. It works great for hands-free calling experiences as well, and it has multipoint connectivity, which means multiple devices can be connected to it at once.

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Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter

The Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter is one that everyone should have in their homes. As with all of these adapters, they make your stereo speakers Bluetooth ready for streaming your favorite music to. However, this particular one offers Multipoint Bluetooth Connectivity, which means you can have multiple devices connected up to it at the same time. Playing tunes on your smartphone, but want to move over to the tablet? If it’s already connected, there’s no problem opening up Spotify and changing songs. It works that seamlessly! This receiver is also able to work with a Bluetooth signal of up to fifty feet away.

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MPow Bluetooth Receiver

If you’re looking for something low profile that isn’t going to be in the way, we recommend picking up the MPow Bluetooth Receiver. This is primarily for stereo speakers that have an AUX port, as that’s what this plugs into. Without an AUX or RCA port, you just aren’t going to be able to take advantage of all the great things MPow brings you with this Bluetooth receiver. If you do have one, you’ll be able to take advantage of things like hands-free calling, hooking up to theater setups over wireless, and so much more.

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TP-Link Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver

Last, but certainly not least, we have the TP-Link Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver. This is a low profile receiver that can plug into your stereo setup by way of AUX or RCA. It operates on Bluetooth 4.1, so with Low Energy features, you should get quite a bit of battery life out of this bad boy. This one is particularly great at hooking up to your smartphone and streaming all of your favorite music to those old stereo speakers. The TP-Link Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver also works great for car setups for blasting your favorite tunes on the go.

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As you can see, these Bluetooth adapters for stereo speakers are packed with technology. They support all different kinds of formats — RCA, AUX, Digital Optical, NFC, and more. By using one of these adapters, you can also turn that old pair of stereo speakers into a Bluetooth powerhouse — after spending a few bucks on an adapter, who needs to go out and drop a few hundred on a pair of Bluetooth-ready speakers?

Bluetooth Adapter For Stereo

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