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  1. Hi my Galaxy S6 running 365 has suddenly got issues when I try to forward or reply to email it goes into ” loading files” mode and won’t load files so therefore I can’t reply or forward on emails. Hope you can help.

  2. I am unable to open my emails I can get to my inbox but then they won’t open!!! HELP

  3. Hello,
    I have a strange issue where I don’t receive emails on my phone unless I have my email account open on my computer.
    At the start, I thought it was a coincidence, but I have had this behaviour for several months now.
    For example, I would not receive any email on my phone for the whole weekend and when on Monday I start my computer and log on to my email, I would immediately get the notifications on my phone for all the emails I got during the 2 last days.
    Some more info:
    I have 2 Gmail accounts on my phone. They work properly as long as I am logged in on my computer.
    I do not use data, only Wifi.
    Computer and phone use the same wifi router.
    All other apps on my phone synchronise fine (I receive messages on what’s app, etc…) so it is not a problem with my wifi router.

    Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G625F
    Android 7.0

    Thanks for any help!

  4. I’ve lost important travel emails when i put them in the NOTES for safe keeping where are they…

  5. Hi,
    My problem is that I can’t use my gmail school account in Samsung’s S6 edge original app. The app accepts normally any other account, gmail, hotmail, exchange and yahoo. But my school account wont work!
    I tried set it up manually and automatically yet I still recieve the same error message “the email server (imap.gmail.com) is not responding. Make sure the account informationin your incoming email setting is correct.” This message also appear with the automatic setup for my gmail school server “mail.emich.edu”.
    Any one faced this issue pefore?

  6. I am using Samsung Galaxy 6, all of sudden outlook stopped working. When I click on outlook it shows the message “Please wait until we download your messages” and then nothing happens.

  7. I’ve just started using my new S6 Edge. In the email application it only seems to let me download by number of emails. I find this keeps putting old mails at the bottom of the email list. Is there any way of downloading by day(s)?

  8. I have been using my galaxy s6 e mail app no problem with yahoo mail. Today I cannot see any historic e mails in my folders!!! On line they are all there but I can see only 2 in box e mails and none in any of my folders a message appears saying’you my have e mails that have not yet been retrieved from the server’. It is set up with IMAP. Why would that happen/ Any help please.

  9. I had my cooperate mailbox configured in my new Samsung S6 Edge, so is mandatory to set a 5 digit pin for my device. But every time when i wake up my screen and before input my pin to unlock the screen, the screen off in abt 1.5 second. It there a way to change the timer for this ? I did try to change the display turn off time but no luck. Anyone encounter this also ?

  10. I have a problem on my Galaxy S6. I use default configuration to set my Email Account. By default the Https protocol is not set, so I can’t send any mail.

    I don’t know how change setting of my default account to set https.

    Other way is to remove Email account, but in this case, I’m afraid to loss all my configuration attached to my default Email.

    Anybody can help me?

  11. I accidentally deleted some emails from my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and want to move them back to the in box or forward them. The only options shown are MORE-EDIT-SORT BY-DELETE ALL-SETTINGS & HELP. Forwarding is shaded out so I can’t route em to another email account. Please help

  12. I have a Network solutions email account… It never installs on my samsung galaxy Edge… I upgraded from an S4 and used the same settings but they dont work on this device.

  13. I have an imap email account I use with my laptop, pc, and S6 Edge.
    When I check email from any other source it never updates and shows the email as checked on my S 6. Why?
    Also, how do I get my Edge screen to appear like yours does in the above pic on your page?
    My edge screen only shows on top, not edge, and only when I swipe the top edge tab…?

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