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Solutions For Galaxy S6 Edge SMS and Text-Related Issues


Being unable to send or receive text messages may be a minor issue but can get to one’s nerves if left unresolved. There are many ways your S6 Edge can encounter text or SMS issues so we try to cover them here as many as we can.
So, if you are looking for solutions for Galaxy S6 Edge SMS and text-related issues, you have come to the right site.

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Problem #1: Galaxy S6 Edge cannot send and receive text

Hi. I just switched to the S6 Edge from a Galaxy S4 – I’ve had the Edge for 6 days now and I’m not able to send/receive texts to/from Android users. 

I had an iPhone for several years, but it has been at least 2+ years since I switched to Samsung. I remember having issues texting when I first got the Samsung, but eventually everything just worked. The only weird thing was that my texts would come to my work email as well, but I was still getting them on my phone so I just deleted them from my email and went on with my life.

However, now that I’ve switched to the Edge, I am ONLY able to send/receive texts to/from iPhone users. The texts I send to anyone else show as “sent” but the recipients never get them. Same when another Android user tries to send me a text. It looks like it has gone through but I’m not receiving the messages. 

I have tried using the “Deregister iMessage” webpage several times. It tells me to enter my phone number so it can text me a code, which theoretically I would then input and all my problems would be solved.  However, when I input my phone number, the webpage tells me the message has been sent, but I am not receiving the code. When I click on “Resend code” the same thing happens – it says the message has been sent, but I never actually receive a code.  I just tried again and am told I have reached the maximum number of retries and to please try again later. 

Is there anything else I can do here?  There has to be a better way.  I’m almost ready to turn in the Edge for a new iPhone just so I can get my text messages, but that seems like the wrong answer. Please help. Thank you! — Michelle

Solution: Hi Michelle. Are you using your old SIM card from your iPhone right now? If you are, then most probably the mobile number that you have is still associated to your Apple profile. Try to disable iMessage using your iPhone if you still have it and it should work fine.

The cause of the problem has nothing to do with your S6 Edge. Consider using a new SIM card or different mobile number if the problem continues.

Problem #2: Deleted text messages keeps on coming back on Galaxy S6 Edge

Hey I just upgraded my old Samsung Galaxy S3 to my new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge a little less than a month ago. I have this problem where every time I delete text messages, later on, randomly all the messages come back one by one. Both my texts and theirs. It’s extremely annoying because it’s sometimes 60 or more messages coming back one at a time so you can imagine how long my phone is ringing with notifications. I’ve checked and nothing is synced in my text settings. Please help if you can. Thanks. — Marsha

Solution: Hi Marsha. If you are using the stock messaging app, try to delete its cache and data to resolve this issue. Although we haven’t of this issue happening on stock messaging app, it’s still worth deleting the cache and data as a potential solution. If that won’t fix the issue try to boot the phone in Safe Mode to see if there’s a rogue app behind it.

If you use Google’s Hangouts app or any other third party messaging app, you want to do a different approach. Try tweaking the settings app of the app and look for an option to turn anything that says sync on it. The exact steps may vary per app.

Problem #3: Galaxy S6 Edge receives incoming text only momentarily before it disappears

Hi. I just got a Galaxy S6 Edge. I get text messages and once I open the text the message and or media disappear. Thank you. — Brock

Solution: Hi Brock. Some AT&T users had reported this previously to us. If you are an AT&T subscriber, please follow these steps to resolve this issue:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Device.
  • Tap Applications.
  • Tap Applications Manager.
  • Go to All section.
  • Look for Message Backup and Sync app.
  • Force close and disable Message Backup and Sync app.

Problem #4: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge showing “Device must restart to allow service to continue….” error and won’t send text or make a call unless it’s rebooted

Hello. I am hoping you can help me with this issue I’ve had my Galaxy S6 Edge for about a month and a half and it’s been giving me a few issues. It does a countdown to restart on its own a few times throughout the day. Please see attached screenshots.

Another thing it does is like it freezes it won’t send out a text or make a phone call unless I reboot. For example,  if I send a text message it will type it out and looks like it’s sending but never goes through until I reboot and the same for phone calls it will dial the call but not call the number it would go back to dial screen.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. — Zulie

Solution: Hi Zulie. We need more information other than the ones you gave us to be able to diagnose the error correctly. You are our first reader who reported this one so we really can’t tell what’s going on. Because you have another issue (being unable to text or call if phone is not rebooted) aside from this, we suggest the perform a factory reset. This restores the phone to its factory condition

If the issue persist after that, please let us know in another email.

Problem #5: Galaxy S6 Edge cannot send to a specific number

I have a few issues. The first one being that this is the slowest phone I have ever used. There will be times I’m way ahead in typing a text or whatever and it’s like the phone is stuck and then in a few minutes it catches up. But no denying this is a very bad lag.

Second issue is when I text my daughter it says it’s delivered but when I go back to the main messages screen by her name there is a little triangle with a question mark in it. This only happens with her.

Third is how long it takes to send a message. First it will say sending…sent…delivered. Why does this process take so long? I never had this problem with my iPhone.

Fourth is battery time. I won’t even be using my phone and the battery seems to just drain. I’ve made sure to close all my aps but still drains fast. Especially when I talk or text or play a game. It’s like the battery time Doesn’t hold a candle to the battery time on my iPhone.

And last but not least how to I make an edge color for my contacts?

OK I think I’ve covered it.

Thank you for any help you can give. — Geri

Solution: Hi Geri.

  1. To improve phone performance, you have to do a few things that include:
    • Clearing the phone’s cache partition
    • Removing or disabling of bloatware or redundant/useless carrier-specific apps
    • Updating apps
    • Doing a factory reset
  2. Your second issue may depend on the phone of your daughter. If your phone can send text messages to other numbers, make sure to call the service provider of your daughter’s phone to help you resolve the issue. If you daughter has an iPhone, you can try to temporarily disable her iMessage and see if that works.
  3. Delay in sending a text message is almost always a network issue. Try inserting your SIM card to another Android phone and see if you have the same issue. If you do, call your carrier for more assistance.
  4. We had written a post before about tips in extending an S4 or S5’s battery. The basic ideas can be applied to your S6 Edge.
  5. To assign a specific color for a contact, swipe in from the upper third of the right edge to open your contacts list. Once you opened the list, tap on the plus sign to add a new contact. Whatever color the plus sign is, that should also be the color of the new contact.

See related article on how to do some of the basic troubleshooting/solutions for your S6 Edge.


Problem #6: Galaxy S6 Edge text message goes to email

Hi. I suddenly started having every single text I receive show up in my personal email as a new email. So if I text back and forth with someone 15 times, not only do in get a bunch of text notification but my email is bogged down with every single text message. I have searched and searched to try to find a way to “turn this feature off” but to no avail. Please help. Thank you. — Kim

Solution: Hi Kim. To fix this, you have to make sure that the sync option in your email app is disabled. If this is happening to an Exchange account, this thread from StackExchange may help you.

Problem #7: Galaxy S6 Edge having difficulty sending text messages during the evening

Hi. I’m hoping you can help with a texting problem that is driving me up the wall. 

I bought the phone about a week after release from Carphone Warehouse as an upgrade from my Nokia Windows phone. From day one I have been having a problem where text messaging stops working. I usually notice it in the evening when I have time to send messages out, the busy icon turns continuously and nothing happens until I get a failed send message. The thing is that I can’t receive messages either, people usually end up sending me emails asking why I’m not replying to text. I can fix the problem (once I am aware it has stopped working) by either shutting down and restarting the phone or, bizarrely, by making a phone call. The call doesn’t even need to be answered, as soon as I make the call the text message sends and I can carry on texting for about a day.

I have had the phone replaced, I am on my second SIM (neither SIM is from the Nokia, wrong size) and I have checked with my local Vodafone shop and their online technical help. Vodafone say they haven’t received any complaints like this and aren’t bothered helping too much as they didn’t supply the phone. Carphone Warehouse tell me they are aware of the fault and that I should wait for a software update. I have had two so far and the most recent is G925FXXU1AOE3, I believe this is the most current version. I have also checked the Vodafone number for outgoing SMS and it is correct.

I have disabled the stock Messages app and tried Textra as an alternative texting app but the same thing happens. Carphone Warehouse are happy to carry on changing the phone so I am always in the first 30 day warranty period but if this goes on much longer I think I’ll have to cancel the contract. Any ideas? Regards. — Brendan

Solution: Hi Brendan. If after using 2 different SIM cards on two separate S6 Edges doesn’t work, that’s a clear indication that your issue is not hardware in nature. Try inserting your current SIM card to a different phone and see how it works. We believe that either there’s an account or network issue behind this situation. Either way, only your network provider can help you with it at this point. If we are not mistaken, there must be some network problems during a certain period in your area (like during the evening) preventing your device from or causing lag when sending messages out. Try sending text messages in a known good location during the same hours and see if you have trouble sending messages.

Otherwise, please work closely with them to resolve this as you may find the same problem happening over again even if you’ll use a non-Samsung product.




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  1. Every time I send a message, my phone sends a massive amount of spam right after. There’s no message in particular, just a lot of code. my friends say they never recieve the spam, but it bothers me.

  2. Okay. My phone can not send or receive SMS but can send group texts. How can I solve that problem? It is killing me.
    Thank you

  3. I am having issues with saving all test messages to the Google cloud. On my phone there will be many text and it’s skipping some text when I try to save them. This is only happening on certain contacts and mainly those with androids.

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