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  1. Samsung Galaxy s6: NETWORK LOCK

    I purchased this phone over a year ago. It is a t-mobile phone but I am on the AT&T network. It has worked fine until today when I got an error message saying sim card was invalid and that the network was locked. Can you help me?

  2. Transfered my S6 from me to my son, now it refuses to forget its old phone number. So, it can use mobile data, but can’t send/receive texts or phone calls.

  3. I think I just solved the dropped calls issue with my company, they told me that my previous SIM card might have been creating some interference with my calls so you have to make sure you destroy the old SIM card (cut the metallic part by the middle) and then call customer serive at your company and get them to do some maintenance on your phone line.

    You’ll have to call from another phone since you’ll be asked to turn the phone off, remove the SIM card, put it back and then turn it on so as to do a reset on the phone.

    Hope this works for you as well.

    BTW I have an unlocked Verizon samsung s6 working on AT&T in mexico

  4. Having the same problem on Verizon, I’m on my 2nd phone with the problem continuing. I do not receive most of my calls and out going calls drop after 2nd ring.

  5. i have a s6 white it shut down and started hanging and showing me multiple erasing icon telling me it has mount and a system error pls help me establish the problem

  6. I have a S6 T-Mobile I have been having problems with dropped calls and mobile data. T-Mobile has replaced mybphonr and I am still having the Same problems. Please help.

  7. I have a 1 day old S6 and when placed directly beside my partners A3 on the same network my S6 gets 1 bar while the A3 gets 5.

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