Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge issues sending/receiving messages with an iPhone

This article rallies about certain issues that Android users may face when #sending and #accepting text messages from an #iPhone. Multitude of users have been complaining about lost and or blank individual / group messages especially with the new Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge. This issue is not new. Last 2011, Apple introduced a new messaging app which allows an iOS user to send messages for free. The iMessage. Since then, switchers have been complaining about lost messages after moving to a new smartphone from an iPhone. The main culprit in this ploy is the iMessage feature in Apple devices that would imprison text messages on its servers if not turned off. Before switching over to your new Android device, make sure to disable iMessage by following the steps below.

Previously, the only way to deactivate this feature is to phone Apple and get them to manually remove your mobile number. Now, you can try different ways to deactivate the iMessage feature. If you still have your iPhone, go to Settings then Messages. Look for iMessage then switch it off using the slider. If your iPhone is gone but you still have a Mac around, you can switch off iMessage by going to System Preferences then iCloud. Login to your account and check all the preferences and make sure that your phone number is not listed. You can access to check on the settings and make sure to include your iPad settings if you have one. If you no longer have any Apple devices at hand, follow this steps in getting your phone number deregistered.

Check out some of the messaging issues that Android users are facing.

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Problem # 1: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is downloading group text messages individually

Hello. When my Galaxy S6 Edge receives text messages from an iPhone, it shows a download button in the messaging app. I have to press the download button to get the message. If I’m in a group text message, all of the messages come in separately and I have to download them individually. Please help!  — Tom Chillson

Solution: Hi Tom. Have you been using an iPhone prior to the Galaxy S6 Edge? It seems that your iMessage is still turned on that’s why your iPhone user friends are sending you messages through the iMessage servers. This setup only works on iPhones/IPads and other Apple products. There is nothing in Android that can communicate with iMessage in any way. Make sure to turn off iMessage especially if you’re using the same SIM card that was on your iPhone. Follow the steps above on how to disable this feature. You may also want to deregister all your Apple accounts if you are not using any of their products anymore as this feature works across all types of Apple devices. You can also inform your friends that you are already on the Android platform so that you can all compromise and use a messaging app that supports group texts across all platforms like GroupMe. Otherwise, you may consider getting a new SIM card so that you’ll get text messages through the regular SMS method. Hope this helps.

Problem # 2: Unable to receive group messages after switching from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Good morning. I recently switched from iPhone to Samsung and absolutely love it, however, when people with iPhones send me group messages, I don’t get them.  I do get individual messages from iPhone users if they send just to me but not when part of a group. Before I deactivated my iPhone, I did make sure I turned off iMessage on the phone as I was directed to do that, so I don’t think that is the issue.  I currently use Textra on my Edge for texts. Thanks for any advice.Rich

Solution: Hello Rich. Can you receive group text messages from other Android users? Here are some reasons why you can’t receive messages from a group conversation.

  1. The Use MMS for Group Chats in Textra has not been enabled. Try going to Settings and look for this feature and turn it on.
  2. Your carrier provider does not support group messages through MMS. Contact your provider and get their assistance in setting up group MMS.
  3. It’s possible that MMS is not working on your phone. Try sending a picture to someone and see if it goes through.
  4. The app that your friends use does not support group MMS. You may let them use a different app instead.

You may still follow the steps detailed above in turning off iMessage just to make sure. Let us know if you need further assistance.

Problem # 3: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge sends Blank / Empty Bubble to iPhone

Hi! I have recently bought the S6 Edge and have had no problems with it but recently, I have been sending messages to my boyfriend and he just receives a blank message / empty bubble on his iPhone. His and my phones are fully updated and it isn’t all the time. It’s just random messages that I send during a conversation and then I try and resend them to him and they still don’t work. We send emoji’s on every text we send to each other and have no problems in viewing them. Please help! Thank you. –Sarah Percy

Solution: Hi Sarah! It’s good to know that you have no issues sending and receiving emoji’s to each other. The blank messages I presume are just plain texts? This has been classified as a bug tentatively from Apple’s or Android’s or your mobile carrier’s message servers. It has not been confirmed as to which side is at fault but multiple users have been affected especially with group messages. Since the cause has not been established, the solutions are just workarounds and not a permanent fix. At least, this helps get all your text messages through. The first workaround is to go to the default messaging app on your phone and open up Settings. Look for MMS Delivery Confirmation and turn it on. The only downside on this is you’ll be getting confirmations from every text message you send so this would be a little annoying. Another suggestion is to put a .com at the end of your message and this would surely go through. It’s a little weird adding this at the last part of your messages but you can live with it for the mean time. Hopefully someone will take the blame and release a permanent fix for it in the nearest future.



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